September 27, 2014

Saturday 16th August

Morning…disturbed night and woken at unearthly hour by son entering en suite power shower… presumably to render him conscious. He’s off to do a day’s work for a mate as a tiler…my brain only thought of one type, so last night I was happily imagining him in a kitchen piecing tiles together making pretty pictures and being naturally creative. Today I find  he thinks it’s to do with roofs…not so happy imagining him up high piecing slate tiles together and falling which happens when you are naturally uncoordinated. Husband’s alternative suggestion, a hair sTILER would have been less stressful although unlikely.

A need to go holiday shopping required Winston the rabbit to be caught. After 10 minutes of unsuccessfully chasing him round the garden I decided to use a t-shirt off the line to throw over him. Alas another serious fail, so ran round with the washing basket looking like a nutty animal version of the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang until he escaped into a corner of the overly packed shed and I gave up exhausted and on the verge of being committed both by husband and nosey neighbours.

photo (9)

Son home and safe after a day fitting insulating tiles inside the roof.



September 27, 2014

Friday 15th August

Morning…Awake so early but watching Escape to the Country managed to switch brain off for an extra 2 hours which I am grateful for! Son bought husband a new alarm clock in Cyprus, classy but unusual and possibly says a lot about them both…a candle you stick up your bottom…from the noises I’m hearing last night it’s possibly been in use! have yet to see the willy bottle stop in our fridge…thank the Lord! My presents were far more refined and hopefully says a lot about me…a sponge and handmade soap especially for stress…hope he’s not expecting to cause any.


Friend 1- was this the image I wanted to picture at breakfast time? Has the alarm been successful LOL

Me- Good for dieting…and he’s up!

Friend 1-oh you make me smile

Me- worry ye not…alarm yet to be used

photo (33)

Friend 2- Do you light the candle before or after use?

Me-now there’s a question…the very thought of either is quite off putting but as I said before useful for weight loss.


September 27, 2014

Thursday 14th August

Morning… lovely to have son back and thanks to the ideal British weather…windy and warm…a description often used for my husband…his washing has dried in no time!

clothes line

He looks surprisingly tanned although apparently no thanks to me…the sun cream I brought him despite being factor 30 and a blanket according to my husband, was useless…and sunburn all my fault of course. What is it with the young and taking responsibility?

Winston has found two new friends and they are fighting over him. The prodigal son and his girlfriend.

September 27, 2014

Wednesday 13th August

Morning… a great pub evening. Apologies to new member Mary who on meeting in the toilets I managed to spray a torrent of water over. I did not appreciate that using the drier over the sink of water where she was washing her hands would have such a devastating effect! Apologies to Chloe for my husbands generous drink offerings, I hope as you fell out of the pub you didn’t curse him! Apologies to the landlord for being the last to leave but it was me who had to drive my husband and partner in crime home, stop when they were both caught short and when I asked for my driving glasses I was given sunglasses to wear…it was midnight for heaven’s sake!



Hopefully their memories are so hazy they won’t remember that with the roads empty I drove the car up to some road traffic lights, waited for 5 minutes behind a queue of traffic only to find they were the work vans parked at the side of the road and I was parked up with them. An eventful evening.

September 27, 2014

Tuesday 12th August

Morning…Singing still required in the toilet although husband thinks lock is sorted…worried to try. Rephrase…worried to lock the door not keep legs crossed permanently!

Son returns from Cyprus today and will meet Winston the rabbit for the first time tomorrow when he finally comes home…he always wanted a dog so wonder if rabbit will suffice…ok it doesn’t bark, you can’t take it for walks, it lives in a hutch… outside…with hay, but they are both furry, cute and need a pooper scooper and plastic bag to clean up their mess so similar. House been quite tidy since he’s gone…I await mess and washing.

photo (32)


Pub later with Musical group people…I’m the designated driver and sense trouble.

September 27, 2014

Monday 11 th August

Morning-going out for the day with my husband but it’s raining and fact the old man was snoring, he got out of bed with a delicate head and struggled to get up in the morning. So anyway, change of plans as I’m not keen on getting my hair wet either. Instead we are visiting Milestones, a museum about Victorian times and 1930′s Hampshire…we sure know how to have fun in our fifties.

photo (31)

Husband unusually struggling with self-esteem today he just found himself tapped on the shoulder by complete stranger who thought he was part of the exhibit…he’s that old, pasty and immobile it’s difficult to tell them apart! As we were also the only adults wandering around without children we felt well and truly out of place.

September 27, 2014

Sunday 10th August

Morning.. son sent shopping “squash” was on the list…he has returned with the largest squash fruit instead of the blackcurrant drink we were expecting! A lost cause.

photo 1 (6)

September 20, 2014

Saturday 9th August

Morning…Time passes quickly when you excel at a subject, so over 4 hours yesterday partaking in A* subjects chatting, drinking wine and eating seemed over in no time. Husband then took me for a curry so it is fortunate I was wearing a voluminous maxi dress to hide the extra calories excelling in these subjects unfortunately causes. Today I’m off for a cup of tea and don’t ask but taking a top hat with me…totally mad…might hide Winston in it and then we’d have a proper Mad Hatters tea party!

photo (28)

September 20, 2014

Friday 8th August

Morning…Winston must have thought Christmas had come early…that’s if a rabbit has a clue about festivals other than Easter. He hopped around the garden for half the day trying to befriend the cats who were not impressed by his rather forward nature and did a very fast runner! How wise.

Just let Winston out again…he’s better at spotting weeds than the gardener! Result.

photo (7)

Friend 1- But is Winston separating the weeds from the plants?

Friend 2- Careful he doesn’t burrow under your fence!

Friend 1- Then the chase would be run rabbit run, run, run…where’s your dad when we need him?

September 20, 2014

Thursday 7th August

Morning- Thought it was only dogs that take after their owners. Tidy up sons mess and am about to take him shopping when he throws an apple at me to eat which hits me hard on the leg. Tidy up Winston the rabbit’s mess, buy a litter tray and litter and he scratches me and draws blood. Both had better learn appropriate behaviour fast. Rash thankfully going down.

I’ve been far too greedy…anyone got a hutch?…gosh this is how it all started…anyone want a rabbit to keep in THEIR hutch?