September 20, 2014

Wednesday 6th August

Morning- Husband has just said “who was stupid enough to put the cat’s water in the silver bowl?”…that will be me. Apparently on feeding the cats he failed to see the water in the bowl and put food in to make an unappetizing and very soggy mess. So back to the real question ” Who was stupid enough to NOT see the water in the bowl or wear the necessary glasses when feeding the cats…that will be him. I think I made my point.

photo (5)

Husband- “You are THIS close…” 

Friend- ” Sounds a bit catty to me”

Friend- “Purrfect !!”


September 20, 2014

Tuesday 5th August

Morning- Never taken six steroids at one time as per instructions. Feels like I’m overdosing but apparently they keep you wired at night and awake if taken too late. Instead last nights sleep was disturbed by a racket of geese flying overhead and an annoying attention seeking cat.. quite looking forward to being wired all day to keep me awake…might even have the energy to tidy the house at supersonic speed, if that’s possible!

photo (6)

Husband-” a racket of geese…surely it’s a gaggle of geese. Hand me those pills.

Me- ” they were making a racket so it works..”

Evening…the house is still a blooming mess. Anyone got a beach hut or shed to give away?…far less to tidy

September 20, 2014

Sunday 3rd August

Morning..I haven’t had to sleep top and tail since I was a child staying at my grandmothers. Unfortunately I have recently had to, not with a human but my cat..footsie is an issue when they have sharp claws, furry feet warmers is also not what one is looking for in the Summer time!



Having a good old clear today…sorted through husbands wardrobe to find 6 pairs of trousers with indecent holes, now thrown out. Also found a pair of unworn trousers with the label still on saying ‘action trousers’…hardly appropriate when they have not seen any! Not sure it’s a good thing to be throwing out holey trousers on a Sunday…they cant even go to charity.

No offers yet and still waiting. I’m really not fussy what accommodation I’m given…happy with something small like a flat or apartment if any going.

September 12, 2014

Saturday 2nd August


Morning…returned home from Lymington to finally meet Winston. Husband posted this photo with the caption ” Here we see Winston saying grace before demolishing our flowerbed “…a very well brought up rabbit indeed as my dad kindly pointed out.

photo (23)

Friend-what an unusual anniversary present!

Husband-It’s for our anniversary dinner…

Friend-Oh God bunny pictures!


Friend- NOPE..behave!


Evening..lovely non rabbit anniversary meal with free desserts this pays to have an anniversary card out on the table:

Husband- yes but it was your wriggling of the card every time the waitress passed that got a little embarrassing.

No cottage offers received…realise I’m being greedy so quite happy for a two up two down…anniversary gift maybe?

September 12, 2014

Friday 1st August dad ‘s a card..he has just served me room service tea with the music” Run Rabbit Run” playing loudly in the background.

If he has any sense Winston will know when he is on to a good thing and won’t run anywhere apart from around his hutch..which could of course send him senseless! Living in the Ritz of all hutches some would say he has landed on his paws and is a lucky rabbit indeed despite being brown and not white.

No mansion offers received. happy for small cottage in the country.

September 12, 2014

Thursday 31st July

Morning…restless night in Lymington..brain wired after yesterday’s events! Unbelievably in 24 hours Winston’s life has gone from living on son’s messy bedroom table in a cat travelling box to a hutch built by him, a man who has never built anything in his life,  to moving into a 5* two storey mansion of a rabbit hutch in the garden..a kind donation after my on line request. How a rabbit’s fortune can turn..wish mine would! So worth a try…anyone got a mansion in the country they want to get rid of?


September 12, 2014

Wednesday 30th July

Afternoon…a hot day at the show and an unbelievable purchase by my 21 year old son that had me shouting down the phone and hopping and bouncing with despair. He announced without any consultation he was on his way home with a RABBIT… they are currently on tour of Pets At Home with the rabbit in a cardboard box. Anyone got a hutch they want to get rid of? Husband equally astonished at sons actions  and any discussion of getting a friend because they like company has been ignored. Conversation as follows:

winston cropped


Friend-He is handsome

Husband- I was thinking succulent

Mother-in law-It’s a gorgeous rabbit, so pretty. You are lucky to have it.

Friend- Aww cute. Another pet to share your bed.

Mother-in-law-I wonder what your cats would say?

Husband-The cats are licking their lips.

Friend-No, you are licking your lips at the thought of rabbit pie.

Husband’s friend-Needs fattening for Christmas..

Friend-Not a lot of nutrition on a bunny. Man cannot live on bunny alone

Friend- sweet

Friend-and sour rabbit stew is a tasty recipe for supper!

He has been strangely named Winston, possibly for his potential to make great speeches and Churchill, the suggested name for bunny number two will definitely not be joining him!







September 12, 2014

Tuesday 29th July

Morning…a lovely day yesterday, drinks with family and then a good nights sleeping Beauty (husband) snoring next to me, no furry creatures sleeping on my bed (cats) and I even get room service and my curtains drawn in the morning… how very civilised. Thankfully not the curtains my husband in our early married days would find amusing to part…not civilised at all. I should have learnt, yet I asked him every day, but only a character like him on being asked “Please can you pull back the curtains”…would part his bum cheeks! Thank goodness it stopped as those curtains have got wider and more distasteful over the years! New Forest Show later and wishing younger son and his girlfriend a great time in Cyprus. photo

September 12, 2014

Monday 28th July

Morning…tipping it down so early start not happening. Having only packed flip flops and sandals might have to borrow some socks and wear the unsightly wellies kept in my car boot for wet emergencies..high fashion out the window! Taking car to the Isle of Wight to visit parents home town Cowes and where I spent my youth…struggling to remember youth that is…need to kick start ageing brain into action by visiting old haunts and reminising, then hopefully I can say in dramatic shaky old lady voice the immortal words” I remember when…”


Evening…great whistle stop tour of IOW. Bless my mum, modern day expressions seem to have passed her by says me, a woman in her fifties who can’t say “cool” without thinking weather, “sick” without thinking ill, “fit” without thinking exercise and the word “like” I use to describe something that pleases me and not dotted in every sentence! But back to my mum…on our return journey via the ferry I was looking at my mobile and announced “my phone has died”.. “oh no dear” she replies full of concern, ” who has died…was she ill long? “… WHAT?.. apparently dying related to phones is not an expression she has heard before.

September 12, 2014

Sunday 27th July

Morning…yesterday spent an afternoon at Southbourne beach. Sea choppy, beach empty, the swimming costume found at my mothers house hideous and lacking in leg elastic, but the wave jumping wonderful. Warning…OAP’s with knee replacements should not risk entering rough seas and attempt to jump waves… mother got bowled over and couldn’t get back up. I struggled to rescue her and whole fiasco was observed by concerned bystander who nearly called out the life guard. The thought of anyone rescuing me in that monstrosity of a bathing suit meant that on reaching home it found the bin…shame it wasn’t 20 years earlier!

photo (3)