November 30, 2014

Sunday 26th October – Noted!

Morning…Lovely wedding party at Loseley Park.

cake (2)

I ate lots of white mice which took me back and danced some moves which got noted! I managed to nearly knock out the small page boy with swinging handbag which also got noted. My stupidity was noted when I took a series of blank photos with my phone and it had to be pointed out that it was in the case upside down! A colleague then noted that I sound like the mum off Gavin and Stacey and some of the words that leave my mouth can be interpreted in entirely the wrong way! A table creation of Wee Willie Winkie out of a napkin and sweetie bag was noted and then destroyed in dismay.


Today I must try and look business like when we film at the Royal Exchange and not like Gavin’s mum..lets hope that gets noted!

November 29, 2014

Saturday 25th October-Keep Calm And I’ll Learn To Dance

Morning…teachers really need a well earned rest when a member of staff talks about that well known show The Forty Two Steps…when it was pointed out that it was The Thirty Nine Steps the reply was “close”..Maths is an obvious strength! I wore my new dancing attire last night – a “Keep Calm and I’ll Learn to Dance” t-shirt..of course if I don’t move sideways and someone pins my foot to the ground when she does, it isn’t going to happen..I’ve got 6 months before my dancing skills take to the stage!

photo 1 (4)

Good luck to my son who is performing in his first London show as an adult, happy half term to all teachers and good luck to my colleague getting married today at Loseley Park..looking forward to celebrating later.

November 29, 2014

Friday 24th October-Baubles!

Morning…Baubles…not a new swear word but the name of our Christmas production and the reason my mind was working overtime and initially awake at 5.20 am this morning! After this week some advice to mindful as children pick up expressions. Describing the wet stuff from the sky as it’s “p****** down” can’t be acceptable in the classroom and if your 4 year old is a super speller please teach them how to spell CAN’’s Friday which is in itself Tree-mendous!


November 29, 2014

Thursday 23rd October-Hakuna Matata

Morning…The Lion King show was brilliant, the journey back not so and the photo my friend took of me sleeping with my mouth wide open horrendous! However only two more days before I get a break from early mornings, small children and so I’m told sleeping amongst dust sheets and mess..Hakuna Matata!

photo 2 (2)

November 29, 2014

Wednesday 22nd October-Not Helped!

Morning…as expected my body is needing support. Back not helped by sitting in traffic jam on the M3 making me late for my first parents evening appointment, voice not helped by having to chat very fast to try and catch up and body not helped by having to put on my Christmas Furry hooded onesie and go out in the cold after a nice relaxing bath to pick up my son from the train station..

photo (37)

it seems to be my circle of life..body now needs a rest after being exhausted again but I’m off to see The Lion King in London tonight so its unlikely!

photo 1 (3)

November 29, 2014

Tuesday 21st October-No Knickers

Morning…such a long day ahead. After the station run for my eldest son I’m driving to Basingstoke for a course on supporting children with impaired vision. I then leave early for an afternoon and evening of chat..well, parents Evening! Think my body will need lots of support by the end of it..possibly of the liquid sort.

Must remember to wear my knickers today…a child yesterday didn’t and it was P.E. so not easily missed. Mentioned it to his mother who admitted that she had dressed him and wondered why there were a pair of pants left on her sofa..there were we presuming it was a 4 year old’s dressing skills which required extra support.


Downside of son decorating bedroom..dust everywhere, tools everywhere, mess everywhere and just climbed into bed to find I’m sleeping with a screwdriver…

Friend- It could have been a drill

Friend- sounds quite fun to me!

Friend- Pozidrive, Crosshead or Phillips?

Me- not sure what you would call it apart from “hard”

Friend- is it your play thingy?

Friend- are you sure it’s not got batteries? LOL!

Oh dear ladies!

photo 2 (3)

November 29, 2014

Monday 20th October-The Gruffalo Walk

Morning..After an evening watching Lee Mack in a confined auditorium space I’m struggling to walk again..not amused!

photo (36)

In fact I’m moving like the Gruffalo which is this mornings P.E so it should be authentic and require little acting by me..slow, awkward, with a limp and if I brush my teeth and get toothpaste on my nose like the other day, the wart on the end of the nose is sorted! Happy, happy week until half term and counting!

photo (65)

As  my husband gets up I thought I was just gazing out of the bedroom window when he rather worriedly said “What haven’t I done?”. “Sorry?” I reply.”You always look at something if you think I need to do something to it” he says…Really, if that was the case I’d be looking at everything..still a lot to learn and remember after 24 years marriage of unsuccessful house training but luckily he cooks!

November 29, 2014

Sunday 19th October- DIY Snail Style!

Morning…DIY is finally calling out to our family! Youngest son has finally got a door on his took 2 years but don’t want a project to be done too fast! There are several benefits of having a ‘no door’ bedroom where son is concerned. They included being able to inspect and manage growing mess and dirty dishes, monitor the time spent on Xbox, having to shout instead of scream when needing him and having the cats pester someone else other than me for love and attention!

photo (38)

Instead of touring Pets At Home last night trying to buy food for the rabbit, my son and I found ourselves depleting my bank balance in B and Q…now hoping my bedroom might be finished by Christmas although with son in charge I’m possibly being hopeful! The down side of trekking around a large shop was my back went, so can’t move which is not amusing. Lets hope Lee Mack is, when we watch him later tonight at the Apollo in Hammersmith…fingers crossed.

November 23, 2014

Saturday 18th October-It Would Be Lovely.

Morning..It would be lovely if it was Saturday if I hadn’t got to go into school at 8 am for a rendezvous with the school caretaker… he will be cleaning floors, I will be collecting the purse left in my school pigeon hole which I had forgotten until it came to paying for dancing last night. It would be lovely if three weeks absence from dancing wasn’t like three years for a fifty year old novice dancer…my attitude of keep going when the feet go wrong and no one will notice didn’t work!

As I’m about to go I say to my husband ” see you later”. he replies with ” Have a good day” It would be lovely, but not sure what sort of rendezvous he thinks i’m having as I was hoping the whole process would take just 15 minutes and then I have to return to housework and washing which sadly is not good or lovely!




November 23, 2014

Friday 17th October-Today’s Challenge

Morning…body and voice survived Thursday but grateful it’s Friday. Today’s first challenge is to lead the school without actually singing a note at the Open Morning. My second challenge is to brush my teeth without getting toothpaste in my hair, something despite being in my fifties I failed to do yesterday. How mortifying to have it picked out of my hair by a colleague! Final challenge is to wash and dry sons dance clothes in a few hours as he only bothered to put them in the washing machine at 11 pm.