November 23, 2014

Thursday 16th October-It would have helped!

Morning…back to work and small children. It would have helped if I’d had more sleep as now I have a lack of sleep headache on top of the cold one! Just watched son enter the shower and tut very loudly. He walked back to his bedroom and returned with a towel, probably one of several he found on his floor. It would have helped if he got into the habit of returning wet towels to where they belong then he and everyone else might find one. Husband fell asleep last night on the sofa and was surprised to be woken up by being jumped on by a very brave rabbit. It would help of course if both went to bed in the appropriate place and at the appropriate time!

Venture downstairs and it’s like a house on Broadway and find the toilet sink tap is would have helped if people just turned things off!

photo (34)


November 23, 2014

Wednesday 15th October-Ran Out!

Morning…It’s a croaky “morning” today so not exactly good! Tissues ran out so moved on to toilet paper, Manuka honey ran out so moved on to a new jar, Lemsip ran out so moved on to new packet and husband ran out..think its something about avoiding me and my germs. However I spotted these bright orange shorts on his legs and wanted to run out too..scary, yet he seems surprised that people laugh at them!

1395282_653509074679898_128648020_n (2)

Evening..I’m getting there!

November 23, 2014

Tuesday 14th October- Feeling Rubbish

Morning..Not at work today. A very sore throat and after losing my voice completely for 5 months a few years back I have to be so careful. Husband might like my silence for a couple of weeks but even he got fed up of bells, clapping and me summoning him! Also feeling rubbish so not a very happy Tuesday. It is however rubbish collection day so perhaps they would like to remove my germs along with the infected tissues..a day of bed, daytime TV and multiple medications.

Husband- Update:They have taken her away.

Mother-in-Law- Which bin was she in..recycling?



November 23, 2014

Monday 13th October-Abracadabra!

Afternoon… Now home early and tucked up in bed with a Lemsip. Brain and body not up to much this morning and after surviving a day at work with small children they are both past it, so I’m going nowhere. The only thing that made me smile was when a child came up to me and asked for something without saying the word please. I said “What is the magic word ?” She looked at me for a few seconds and said “Abracadabra!”..indeed a magic word although not the one I was hoping for ! Hope you all fared better than me.

Oh to be a cat and this relaxed…

cat relaxing (2)

November 23, 2014

Sunday 12th October-Winston’s Friend Churchill!

Morning…my body could fight it no longer..full of cold! Lovely day yesterday although so much has changed it really hit home..I’m OLD! Visited one of my old bedrooms, in fact we all visited it..nice paintwork and fittings, sensor lighting, special locks but smell not quite as pleasant as I remember and we had to go in one at a’s now a toilet!

photo (29)

Looking forward to seeing my in laws for Sunday lunch.

My mother in law arrived with a special delivery inside a very posh box.

photo (30)

Grandma has read that rabbits get lonely on their own so decided to buy him a friend called Churchill.

photo (27)

Friend- Are you planning to keep two bucks together?

Friend- He’s cute

Friend-He’s soo cute


Friend- I thought he was real! Is granny real?

Me-Yes Grandma is real!


November 15, 2014

Saturday 11th October-Bloody Clothes

Morning…Fantastic show last night and well deserved great reviews. Think I might have missed a few murders due to ducking which is a new theatre experience for me! As for getting dressed up, not much point when at the end of the evening your clothing looks like you were the one committing murder…rest assured my husband is alive and kicking, well he would be if he was awake. However wondering if he knew something I didn’t as he sat on a different side of the theatre to me and chose not to be on the side of Sweeney Todd’s barber chair…perhaps a clue I should have taken more heed of. Hoping artificial blood washes out easily.


Today I visit Roehampton and return to my teacher training college for a trip down memory lane…if I’ve got one!

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November 15, 2014

Friday 10th October-Sweeney Todd

Morning…My week has been a long one full of Lemsip, Manuka Honey and Green Tea consumption to fight germs…the downside of working with small children. I was so desperate for a cuppa last night and when I went to my son’s performing group I found they had run out of milk. I was kindly offered a half drunk cup of tea from someone who was on her second cup and sadly I accepted…that sums up my week…shocking!


It’s Friday and tonight we go to see Sweeney Todd at the very intimate new Twickenham Theatre…murder I believe takes place and I’m worried it might be a bloody evening!


November 15, 2014

Thursday 9th october-Harvest Ditty

Morning…Tossed and turned last bread for my toast but found a crumpet and took jam out of the fridge only to spot that in my tired state I was about to spread Chilli jam on it…day can only get better!

Heating on, winter furry boots on, long coat on and later today first live stage performance of 4 year olds Harvest Festival song “Here’s what we do at Harvest time”, a catchy little ditty! Hopefully they will sing louder than yesterday to drown out my Eric Clapton guitar accompaniment…two chords with sore fingers played mostly in the wrong order!


Result…they sang loudly but not sure stopping playing completely when I lost my place went unnoticed!



November 15, 2014

Wednesday 8th October-Knees Up Mother Brown

Morning…It’s Wednesday so half way there! After several choruses of “Knees up Mother Brown” at rehearsal last night I’ll be grateful if my knees actually move one in front of the other today…I’m more of a shifty fifty than a nifty fifty…all wobbly bits move and not in a very attractive way. Just hoping that even if the body isn’t really up to it I get 100 per cent for effort because believe you me getting my knees to even vaguely go up and down is effort!

Been downstairs to find kitchen strip light didn’t come on…I had to sniff milk for my tea and hope for the best with what I spread on my toast…finding it was butter almost needed a celebratory knees up, so I opted for orange juice as well as my cuppa.


November 15, 2014

Tuesday 7th October-Disintegrating Sponge!

Morning…last week I was pulling, yesterday licking of lips, wagging of bushy tail and looking decidedly dodgy! Yes,its part two of The Enormous Turnip story and another opportunity for my dramatic tendencies to be put to use in dance with 4 year old children.


Lets hope phonics improves with a few more wow moments recognising the letter ‘t’, hopefully realising it is not the first letter of the word horse!

The real sponge that son bought me back from Cyprus in the summer seems to have disintegrated and is now decorating the shower tray in tiny bits. No one seems bothered about the scattering of small pieces and having been there a while I’m wondering if anyone is actually using the varying sized shapes for washing. Perhaps to wash the parts that other sponges can’t reach! Mentioned this to husband and he announced “Well I found a piece rammed up my crack..” …..lovely.

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