December 28, 2014

Saturday 20th December Cinderfella

Morning…School panto was a blast.

photo 4 (8)

I did have a bit of trouble remembering it was Cinderfella instead of Cinderella. I did have a bit of trouble getting my big knickers off on stage, as they got caught up in my petticoat and trying to fight through that and a kimono was a bit tricky. I also had a bit of trouble with my bucket toilet coming off stage too soon so had to make sure it returned in time so that I could open the lid and throw a designer shoe down it and flush, using the realistic multilink chain!

photo 1 (17)

I had little trouble in being horrible and making it up as I went along and no one had any trouble at all singing “Let It Go” with gusto which with all kids and staff joining in provided a great last day atmosphere and even caused some members of staff to wipe a tear away!


My Secret Santa present was a very well chosen gift for a teacher who has to do playground duty and  is referred to as ‘Wise Owl’- a Take Out cup with an owl on it. I was even given a Wise Thoughts Notebook so just need to wait for the thoughts to happen to write in it!

photo 2 (14)photo 1 (18)

It’s Saturday so my turn for the panto drop off. There is nothing for it but to go for another Christmas shopping trip to Windsor with tea, a light lunch and a look at The Crooked House.

crooked houseesquire coffee cropped

December 28, 2014

Friday 19th December Good News And Bad News

Morning…The bad news is that I have ear ache and my tummy is giving me gyp again and I was awake at 4 am thinking about my specially made big knickers!

photo (76)

The good news is my eldest son has a job in a local pub and the lost present was found on the train! It is Friday and last day of school and I get a double dose of panto..oh yes I do!

beauty stage

The bad news is that as I went downstairs to turn on dodgy light it tripped switch in the fuse box and I was plunged into total darkness. I couldn’t see to get it back on or reach the box without doing myself a mishap and the only torch I could find was a tiny handbag one. Finally reach fuse box to find it makes no difference. Breakfast made under the light of minuscule torchlight whilst men who could help my situation slept on!

photo (77)

The good news is that all children yesterday completed their mini Christmas cakes to take home to their parents and made a melting snowman biscuit each. The bad news is I didn’t make one for myself.

photo 2 (12)photo 3 (8)

December 28, 2014

Thursday 18th December Kingfisher On The Lake Christmas Party

Morning..a lot of laughs at Reception team meal at Kingfisher On The Lake pub in Mytchett last night.

Kingfisherkingfisher 4Kingfisher 2

My gripper knickers had their first outing of the year…a lot of turkey dinners to hold in! My black high heels had their first outing of the year…a problem keeping me upright and steady before wine had even been consumed! The first time I have ever been described as Hagrid..not happy about it so starting a diet post Christmas!

kingfisher 3

The first time I have ever heard about a puppetry theatre of a certain male anatomy which came to Camberley Theatre…love theatre but struggling to visualise this as a show I’d like to see even if the Eiffel Tower is a feature! School Christmas lunch today…gobble, gobble..yep more turkey!



December 28, 2014

Wednesday 17th December Nothing Like..

Morning…Nothing like a bit of Christmas wrapping to get you in the festive mood until you find you forgot to buy wrapping paper and labels,

wrapping paper

nothing like a Christmas party with Michael Buble playing and tinsel shimmying and twirling until you find children looking at you strangely,

michael buble

and nothing like a new extension wall being built until you find they forgot to leave a gap for the window like in the plan!

Team party later  and my third turkey dinner and it isn’t even Christmas!

Me- They have now made a window. Think the main builder was off site when this happened. What I can’t believe is husband looking online to see if builders normally build walls and knock a window out after!

Husband- I wanted to check if building techniques had changed in recent years.

photo (75)


December 28, 2014

Tuesday 16th December 24 Years Of Wedded Strife!

Morning…Yesterday what a day! Classy Christmas cards finally written, too many unhealthy toffee muffins eaten and healthy fruit left uneaten, chauffeuring late at night to and from station looking for son’s lost Christmas present bought for girlfriend but sadly not found and trying to design a kitchen that has nothing vaguely Christmassy about it on a computer!

photo (74)

Today I switch on the bedroom light and husband says “ugh”. “Sorry? ” I reply. His answer  “Oh I was having a conversation”…yes but sadly it was in his dreams and not with me..that’s what happens after 24 years of marriage!  When I’m lucky enough to get some conversation out of him it goes like this ” I am going to get a tattoo!” “Really” I reply, thinking mid life crisis. “Yes, I was going to get FI on one bum cheek and NA on the other so it says FIONA when I bend over !…24 YEARS I have had to put up with this! I should have known that life would never be dull when he got himself manacled naked to the zebra crossing on his stag night and buses stopped because they thought he wanted to cross..I was mortified, he was amused!


December 28, 2014

Monday 15th December Dressing Gown Mishap!

Morning…Never has a cup of tea tasted better and been more needed to get me going, one more week! Eldest son has finished college, youngest son and girlfriend off to Winter Wonderland, husband and Winston the rabbit keeping out of way of builders and I have a busy day in the world of small children. Might write some Christmas cards later, this years are classy!

photo 2 (16)

Time hop helped me recall last years Christmas shopping faux pas..I ask husband to try on a dressing gown my mum and dad are giving him for Christmas.”OOO it’s a bit short!” comes the cry from upstairs. He appears at the top of the stairs in a powder blue shortie the one I had bought for myself! Never has he been allowed to forget it and never have I forgotten the sight!

photo 1 (20)

Watched Morecambe and Wise this evening..still laugh out loud and seen the Andre Previn sketch so many times. Timeless humour with no smut or swearing required..gosh I must be getting old, I am sounding like my mother.

Morecambe and wise




December 28, 2014

Sunday 14th December It Takes Two

Morning…Yesterday the sun was shining and I had a great day Christmas shopping in Windsor.

windsor 1

Walked along the river and have never seen so many swans in one place!

winsdsor 2

Met with some friends for lunch and just as they were having their photo in front of the castle a motor cyclist photo bombed the shot, smiled, left his bike running and popped into the hotel behind us!

windsor 4

I bought my second Christmas jumper, had my second Christmas turkey dinner and wore my Christmas hat for the second time.

I found a second glasses case that I couldn’t resist with Winston and friends in mind.  I convinced myself I’d purchased it for its ‘easy to find in the handbag’ quality thanks to colour and texture, my other glasses case being a furry animal print one! It comes to something when you have two pairs of glasses in two cases which is of course why I am a huge handbag type of woman.

photo 1 (21)

Last night I was chilly for the second time and thankfully had a second night of no tummy pain.

Today I am auditioning for the second time for Fiddler On The Roof for the same two roles, but unfortunately have only gone over guessed it ..twice! Today before I go I need to practice more than twice to stand any chance!

tops meal me cropped

Just looked out my window and spot Winston among all the building mess..husband decided to let him out for a run to search for grass. He is going to have to do a lot of searching..

spot the rabbit

December 28, 2014

Saturday 13th December Let It Go

Morning…chilly, needed my super sized teddy bear throw that I purchased from Dunelm Mill on me all night and didn’t want to let it go!

teddy bear throw

Thankfully for the first time in two weeks I’ve not woken up in pain in the middle of the night so obviously do need to take tablets for both back and stomach which is in itself a pain!

Yesterday school choir sang the songs they performed at the local market to the school and staff panto Cinderfella was written..hurrah! Everyone taking part gets a loose outline of the story line and we try and include dances or songs that the children performed in their Christmas productions and staff ad lib, so potentially dangerous! This year Cinderfella goes to Strictly Come Dancing and Darcey Bussell falls in love with him and of course at the end Buttons tells the two ugly brothers who are trying to get Darcey to choose them to just “let it go”…cue song!


I’m the wicked step mother so now need to find a costume by next Friday..not sure what to wear so will raid the props cupboard and attic to try and be creative.

Musical Theatre group Christmas meal later, needing to go on a diet in January but for now I’ll go with the song title.


tops meal cropped

Think I was successful and my husband certainly was!



December 28, 2014

Friday 12th December Tummy Pains

Morning…Been in dreadful pain with my tummy all night so hardly slept. Thought at one point I might need to go to hospital so going to the Dr this morning. Hoping builders and drills are sensitive to my needs.


Outcome of visit to Dr is that I have been given stomach lining tablets which I should have been taking with Naproxen, the tablets I take for my bad back. I have also been given different pain killers for my back and told to try and give my tummy a rest from Naproxen for a while. Really I just need a less stressful life, no back pain and perhaps I won’t eat asparagus for a while along with the cheesy mushroom sauce as had it last night for the first time in a while and have since read it can be bad for those suffering from IBS or acid reflux husband is gutted as he loves it!


December 28, 2014

Thursday 11th December It’s A Shame

Morning…A lovely Christmas meal last night with all the parents from dancing and lots of laughs to be had!

me and lisa

It was a shame that I found a long hair in my mushroom starter cheese sauce that made me feel quite ill and put me off the rest of my food. It was shame that some had to leave early because apparently they had “things to do” because that made me feel guilty…I was there until the end and had nothing to do worth leaving early for! When asked what she had to do she answered with “paperwork” which the ladies I was sitting with interpreted as something else entirely…a shame that some have the time and energy for paperwork..I haven’t and am very envious! It’s a shame that I couldn’t finish off the bottle of wine I bought but I was trying to be sensible with my dodgy tummy which is why my bag home was filled with wine, water and Gaviscon, all of life’s essentials!


It’s a shame that two Jaffa cakes and Gaviscon did not sort my tummy pains out in the middle of the night. Which has left me with an unhappy Thursday!

Jaffa cakes