December 28, 2014

Wednesday 10th December Festive Showtime Extravaganza!

Morning…Yesterday was a festive extravaganza continuous performance! Final Nativity performance made me proud and the children’s parents cry, the Year 1/2 performance of the Elves and The Shoemaker made me smile and The Beauty and The Beast Windsor Panto made me say “BOOM BOOM BASIL” rather a lot! And the song ‘I would walk 500 miles’ was sung in two our of three of the shows :-)

photo (73)

Excellent panto with lots of laughs, fun press party afterwards in the Theatre Bar where I met faces old and new and a Karaoke that was all talk and no singing because no one could make up their minds when or where to go! Not used to going to bed so late on a work night so pass me the match sticks to glue my eyes open this morning..

Jack and sally geeson.jpg cropped.

Photo of son and the lovely Sally Geeson who appeared in Bless This House and the Carry On films.

Oops just watched the cat do his business on the builders sand pile..poo cement will be between our bricks,our own version of wattle and daub!

December 28, 2014

Tuesday 9th December There’s A Hole In Our Garden!

Morning…There’s a hole in our garden dear Good morning Gang, dear Good Morning Gang, there’s a hole in our garden dear Good Morning Gang, there’s a hole!…the words don’t really flow but building work has started on our kitchen / diner extension and in case you hadn’t got the picture there’s a hole and its huge! Winston must now stay in his run, husband must now be dressed and decent earlier, my front lawn must now be a mud pile, a sand pile, a brick pile with no grass visible and I must sadly be prepared for mess inside and out :-/

hole cropped. 2jpg

First our final performance of the Nativity to parents..hoping for no big sneezes, no key people absent, no forgotten words and no mishaps with children, props or technology!  Then later this evening Beauty and the Beast press night. Hoping for…the same!

It might only be Tuesday but it has been a long term, everyone is losing the plot and saying things that can be misconstrued or are ridiculous.

Misconstrued comment number one “You’ve lost a flap”..of course my colleague was in fact referring to a door plastic flap but the minds of colleagues were smutty.

photo 3 (10)

Misconstrued comment number two..”Have you got any bun cases?”..of course referring to..

bun cases

Misconstrued comment number three..after a conversation about wearing two pairs of knickers one underneath and one over the top to keep tights up it was decided that the over the top pair of pants could stupidly be referred to as muffin snugglers! A colleague bought in some delicious white chocolate and raspberry muffins yesterday and today she snuck out a tin from her cupboard and said “I’m a muffin smuggler”.. sadly we laughed.

photo 2 (11)

Watching my colleague preparing individual name tracing sheets for each of the children I helpfully said “you will have to change the names”…what a ridiculous thing to say, of course they will! As I said its been a long term and we need to break up.


December 28, 2014

Monday 8th December Shining Bright

Morning… Christmas decorations up but festive cheer not shining very bright here after a bad night, pain and listening to the sound of snoring rather than silence! Venture downstairs and strip light dead so nothing shining bright there either…find my bare feet stepping in something squishy..worried after yesterdays find but it is peas and nothing unpleasant the cat left so feel a little brighter! Hopefully festive cheer will brighten those at work as performing Nativity to school but need to remember to get batteries for angels tea lights…yesterday they were flickering, so not bright!


Also need to officially wear my first ever Christmas Jumper. It was agreed we should do so just in case an adult has to jump on stage in an emergency..hopefully if that does happen the audience won’t notice we are twice the size of the performers and with totally illogical brains think because we are wearing Christmas jumpers we must be giant children..of course!

Christmas jumpers



December 28, 2014

Sunday 7th December Everyone Feeling Sorry

Morning…Son is feeling sorry for Winston the rabbit with these cold nights so for the second night on the trot he has spent it inside not out. He vacated his double storey mansion with night time ground sheet covering to take up new but hopefully temporary night time diggings.. a cat litter box in a bedroom of our centrally heated house, just in case he gets a wee bit chilly!

cat carrierg

Husband feeling sorry for me and “I’ve got too much to do!” so took me to buy a Christmas tree. Feeling sorry for himself and his hurting shoulder he promptly fell asleep on the sofa!  After decorating the tree and doing housework my back went so I felt sorry for myself. Son needed picking up from Windsor and having done three shows in one day I felt sorry for him…husbands sorriness for anyone disappeared so he wanted him to catch the train.. its down to me! I asked husband whilst I was out chauffeuring to empty the washing machine and when I got back an hour later you guessed it…sigh…yes, he now needs to go to the Dr on account of failing shoulder, ears and brain…we are officially a pair of old crocks!

Afternoon…please add to Dr’s list for husband, failing legs and arms! I cannot see why else a large cardboard box was left at the back door for me to trip over instead of opening the door and putting it in the recycling bin just outside. You never know what might get inside the box and get thrown away…


What is it with cats and the places they find to sleep in or on?


Not sure there is a part for a CAT in Fiddler On The Roof..

Friend- We’ll find one!

Friend- Bit crowded on the roof!

Friend- Tiddles On The Roof!

Mother -In -Law- Fiddler And Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Friend- ooo, I feel a musical mash coming up! Animal themed.

Husband- Fiddler On The Hoof, The Sound Of Moosic,

Friend- Cats

Friend-Brilliant Andrew!

Husband- Whiskers Down The Wind, Camelot

Friend- Feline On The Roof

Me- A Tail Of Two Kitties

Friend- Purr Chance To Dream

Friend- Please stop!!!





December 22, 2014

Saturday 6th December The Nativity Sneeze!

Morning…Nativity performance filmed yesterday and lets just say small children are unpredictable! Sheep go on stage and one gives a vast sneeze using hands to catch the contents! I hadn’t planned on needing tissues so audience member rushes forward to give child a tissue, child wipes nose and then unbelievably hangs it out for someone to take, which unfortunately was me! At the end of the Nativity story a child needs a big spotty hankie to wipe away a tear, they cant find it so say out loud” I haven’t got my hankie!” Apparently the videographer spotted me panicking and looking down at the snotty tissue by my side…honestly would I have given the child that?! Thankfully the jacket pocket was unzipped and the hankie was there..thank goodness.


In the afternoon Percy The Park Keepers birthday party..I must learn to take party hat off before removing my jumper but by the time we got to the afternoon everything had gone to pot and by the time I got to dancing where I had been absent for a month I hadn’t a clue!

percy 2

Afternoon..Christmas tree is up!

christmas tree

Friend- Beautiful! But I fear your fairy may suffer with back problems in her later life!

December 22, 2014

Friday 5th December Nativity Relief!

Morning…Travellers didn’t fall off their trunkies, angels looked gorgeous holding their tea lights and turning at the end to show the word ‘Love’ and a heart in glitter on their angel cape wings, headdresses and mouse tails a bit of a distraction for small children but first costume run actually went okay which was a relief!

battery tea lights

Today we perform to our first audience..the Pre-School!


Just dropped both sons off at the station as youngest son has to be at Windsor Theatre by 9.30 am….just as well I shouted at eldest son twice as silence was followed by an expletive which gave me the impression he had fallen back asleep! However both caught respective trains and it is Friday!

December 22, 2014

Thursday 4th December Man Flu!

Morning…I’m feeling cold, husband has a cold and heating seems to be like me this morning..sluggish! Nativity dress rehearsal today..the day we find that long tunics and four year olds sitting on trunkies might be tricky! The day we find that angels turning off battery tea lights might be a liability! Hopefully travellers can march to ‘I can walk 500 miles’ ( Proclaimers ) and angels can make heart shapes with their lights to ‘Real Love’. (Jim Odell)

Opening night at panto went well although some lines were forgotten and retrieving them was apparently hilarious!


Husband-If it’s a cold then its the cold from hell. Haven’t felt this ill for years.

Friend-Oh God , it must be man flu!

Husband-Ultra masculine man flu, yes!

Friend- Do you need one of your boys to pop out for these?

man flu

December 22, 2014

Wednesday 3rd December Out Of Touch With The Modern World!

Morning…Tired but sadly no excuse for being out of touch with the modern world. Yesterday a colleague who had bought a Shelf Elf told me all about the naughty things he face looked confused and I said “does it do it all by itself?” I was imagining a high tech robot of an elf! Instead..

24-Elf-on-the-shelf-ideas (1)

Then a discussion on advent calendars and someone said ” My friend got a benefit one”…there was me imagining an overly generous benefit office handing out advent calendars at Christmas. Instead..

benefit advent calendar

and at £50 each not sure its one to give away!

Fiddler rehearsal last night and more Nativity today..must try and get with it!

Good luck to son and cast with opening night of Beauty and the Beast at Windsor today.


December 22, 2014

Tuesday 2nd December Santa’s Grotto

Morning..My hall way seems to be resembling a Young Set version of Santa’s grotto with sequins, net and a rather large Santa I won in a raffle many moons ago…then add all the toys that were used in husbands filming yesterday and you get the picture! Husband unwell, cat just been sick, I haven’t yet written a single Christmas card so this morning everyone is feeling very festive and happy!

santas grotto

December 22, 2014

Monday 1st December A Miracle!

Morning…exhausted by 7 am..did the station run with several minutes to spare..a miracle! Bought petrol, lunch and sitting in the staff car park in the dark with one other car..a miracle! Yesterday house was a film set and my job was supplying props, wigs, clothing out of the “you have everything in your roof”..a miracle! And guess what..I found the army shirt that my two sons searched for when back was bad and vowed was no where to be seen..unfortunately the day after it was needed…a predictable miracle!


24 days…my boys of 19 and 22 can now have a chocolate from their advent calendar..they wanted one last week so a miracle they have not already started on them!

advent calendar

Friend- sounds to me like you are fast using up your quota of Christmas miracles…leave a few for the rest of us!