January 21, 2015

Sunday 18th January Lean On me!

Morning..husband away having a catch up with his brother over from Chile. he messaged me to tell me he was having breakfast and would be home by lunchtime. Half an hour later I heard the front door go and thought that was quick, he must have decided to miss breakfast and is sensibly thinking of his diet! Shouted down and no answer. Tried again and got out of bed to check…looked over the banisters and couldn’t see anyone so thought I must be imagining things. Worried about my mental state and hearing until I found two bags downstairs…I’m not losing my marbles, son’s girlfriend dropped off her stuff before work and has a key which I’d forgotten about..what a relief, I’m still sane!

A lazy day, continuing my assembly song research and catching up on my blog and back rest. Having done my happiness song list I decided to move on to songs about Friendship…you can count on me!

photo 2 (37)

Decided to have a bath but had forgotten the dilemma of getting out of a bath with a bad back. Husband heard my shout as I tried to stand and failed, so kindly came to my rescue. He could indeed have said ‘Lean on me’,  ‘I’ll be there’ and ‘with a little help from my friend’. However when he smiled and threatened to get his I pad to record the sorry state of affairs, he was anything but the ‘best of friends’ to me and I’d have happily stuck an ‘umbrella’ where it hurts!

The sign by my bath says ‘A Deep Bath plus a Glass of Wine and I’ll be Fine’…I wasn’t fine and the bath was deep so maybe I needed the wine!

photo 1 (43)

January 19, 2015

Saturday 17th January The Chess Board Hob

Morning…The kitchen design man is calling me and my back to arise..as it takes me so long to arise I better start now. Happy Saturday!

A morning sitting with the kitchen design man and it is coming together, but today the news was broken as to how much it will cost..oh dearie me, several thousand more than we budgeted. Mr design man had chosen high spec Bosch appliances, so we are going for the cheaper Lamona ones, which husband is going to tell everyone are being imported from Italy, so very exclusive! That should save us a few pounds but unfortunately not the thousands required.The money for a nice holiday in the sun to celebrate our Silver wedding Anniversary looks like its going on the American fridge freezer I want, unless I find some other large financial source between now and the Summer to replace it.

A visit to the biggest Marks and Spencer at The Meadows followed in order to buy some ready meals to keep us going and leggings to replace those with holes. Spotted the ‘Lift and sculpt’ jeans my colleague wore recently and wished what ever clever ingredient lifts and sculpts could be used in every item of clothing because my whole body needs desperate help in all areas. Wondering whether it can ‘lift’ a size 14/16 and ‘sculpt’ it into a size 10? Just to prove that my body is falling apart, my back spasmed in the car journey home..reacting to having done too much…too much standing, walking and sitting.

Returned home and a friend dropped round for tea so we reviewed the kitchen plans in situ. Son’s girlfriend took a look at the pictures and thought we were having a chess board on a table as a key feature in our new kitchen. It was in fact the hob on a central island!

kitchen plan

Cat’s think the gravel track between the old kitchen lino and the old dining room carpet is their new litter tray, so decided to try it out and left us with a deposit to clear up. Son was instructed to remove it as the sight and smell was putting us off our discussion.

litter tray

I thought I’d bought a naughty jam doughnut to have with my cup of tea, so disappointing when you open the packet and find they are ring ones and the red stuff is no where to be seen. Would have taken a photo but son has finished them off and thrown the pack away…it obviously didn’t bother him if it had jam or not!

January 18, 2015

Friday 16th January Oh Happy Day!

Morning…Yet again I managed one sock, which is telling me, a woman who has no medical training, that there is an issue with the left side of my back more than the right. Sadly, my personal dresser was again required to help. It’s obviously not a career choice he would like to switch to and when our wedding vows were read I should have foreseen and added “I take this woman in sickness and health and agree to have a ready smile and good humour at all times.” Unfortunately he didn’t say these words twenty five years ago, so when I asked him to help me by bending down to help pull on my sock I heard tuts, sighs and huffs. Of course it might be that the mutterings were due to his own struggle to get down on his knees, now there’s a thought!

I had physio at 8 am and more needles. Having watched me struggle from my car and seen the state I was in when I arrived my physio decided to refer me to the pain clinic and for a hospital scan of my back…thank goodness. Bad backs are so debilitating and although there are far worse health issues in the world to contend with, when it happens to you, it can emotionally and mentally get you down. I was sent home to rest my back and find a sitting down task to complete.

My sit at home task is to find themed songs to play in assemblies…hoping my frame of mind includes some happy songs as having to contend with builders banging and hammering as well..Oh Happy Day!

photo 1 (40)

Builders have now removed the kitchen units dividing the kitchen and dining room and deposited some of them in our hallway….Listening to happy songs I must try hard to “Always look on the bright side of life! “..one day in a few weeks or months time our kitchen will be finished, looking lovely, nice and warm, clean and tidy and after waiting to do this for twelve years it has finally happened!

photo 1 (42)

They have also deposited some food and china under the stairs.. listening to happy songs I will “spread a little Happiness” ..hoping that someone will be happy to have some of my old mugs, bowls and china!

photo 3 (20)

Looking at the photos I can see another reason for calling me a ‘bag lady’ but it is my husband who loves to collect plastic bags of rubbish..beginning to think our new kitchen should have handleless cupboards then there would be nothing to hang bags of rubbish on! Listening to happy songs I try to “not worry, be happy” about this fact and hopefully when you have to pay for plastic bags we will have less of them and when we spend a fortune on light coloured kitchen units he won’t want them to be stained from leaking food seeping out of cheap, thin, plastic bags. I can but hope, then thinking of my happy songs we will be “Happy Together” and I will “Smile.”

Having removed the kitchen units we now have three layers of kitchen flooring to view, white square tiles covered by small square lino, covered by large square lino all covered by layers of dust. Thinking of my happy music when the whole room has new flooring I can’t help but have “Happy Feet!”

Happy Song research has helped me feel more upbeat…sadly the sunshine is missing but I look forward to feeling on ‘Top of the World’ and ‘Walking back to happiness’ when my back improves and the kitchen is finished!

happy songs

Listen to Happy Songs and you will feel uplifted.

January 17, 2015

Thursday 15th January Litter Picking Knicker Pullers!

Morning…struggling to be positive and raise a smile when for the second day in a row my body is failing and stopping me from getting out of bed…I can’t move, can’t dress myself, am in pain and because husband has taken son to the station I have to meet the boiler man at 7.15 am in the morning. The only good thing so far is it is Thursday, which is almost Friday!

I had my rendezvous with the boiler man in my blue dressing gown. (the same ‘shortie’ one husband mistakenly tried on thinking it was for him last Christmas) Plumber is removing all radiators so cold house is getting colder by the minute..any menopausal moments will become non existent and it is hardly surprising my back keeps freezing up..I might turn into an ice maiden before the kitchen is finished! As husband was dealing with boiler man on his return from the station, I needed to get ready for work so had to contort myself on the bed to do this. I actually managed my knickers and one sock today but had to cry down for help with the second sock and boot. It was suggested in work that an aid to my plight would be one of the school litter pickers to help pull up my knickers and socks..can you picture it?..I’m of course referring to a gadget not one of the children!

litter picker

Another friend suggested going knickerless but husband wasn’t sure about that at my age!

At school the whole class made Oreo biscuit owls in cooking, linked to last weeks book ‘Owl Babies’. They had a colourful choice of beaks which I’ve not seen on owls before and a number of them had a crossed eye individual look which made them appealing… to eat.

photo (100)

Dieting when your kitchen is out of order and you are freezing doesn’t really work..found ourselves at the local Chinese in order to eat and keep warm. Everyone else locally was obviously on a diet or saving money after Christmas as the place was empty. A cup of ‘thank you’ low sugar, jelly babies found themselves into our tummies and an invite to Chinese New Year celebrations at the end of January apparently with the dragon..sounds like a fire cracker of an evening.


jelly babies

January 16, 2015

Wednesday 14th January Pert And Pretty…Not!

Morning…not a good one when you attempt to get out of bed and fail. Back had been hurting yesterday and tried to phone Physiotherapist who didn’t answer in the five minutes I had to spare. After a Fiddler rehearsal and an hour long car journey home thanks to the M3 being closed, my feet started to tingle and back hurt. Hoped that going to bed with pain killers would mean my body might still be old but wake up sprightly (a feeling I was hoping for, not someone I know!)…instead I couldn’t stand and struggled to move one leg in front of the other. Husband took son to the station after making me a cup of tea and dosing me with painkillers.The morning got worse when husband had to help me put my knickers, socks and shoes on and attach a heat pad to my back…so undignified!

So today I added a bent over hobble to my ‘old bag lady’ look…

Such a shame as rehearsal had been fun until my back gave way…the ‘mamas’ in the opening song ‘Tradition’ decided that age would not stop them from being ‘pert and pretty’ and the conversation about whether we needed to put a finger up or down and which we preferred was getting quite out of hand!.This t-shirt said it all…

photo 3 (19)

When my back went however, ‘pert and pretty’ was an impossibility…

At school we had a good day despite my disability. I managed to use my voice and arms in P.E. and asked colleagues to demonstrate the body movement. Curling and stretching was the theme so when asked to curl, one of them bent down just enough for the other to think she looked like she was doing a wee and the giggling began! I’m not a vindictive woman by nature but suddenly I found myself tapping my tambourine twice in quick succession to make them bend several times rapidly..one way to stop the laughter for some and amuse others!

We used the instruments in the classroom to decide which sounded like Space stars, rockets and aliens.We even introduced the children and my young student to ‘The Clangers’, a programme I watched as a child. Each group made musical patterns and in the afternoon we visited the Music room to make a huge space noise..I added a headache to my bad back!

photo 2 (33)

Got home to find half of my kitchen in the hall and under the stairs..I added a muddled brain to the headache and bad back.

January 15, 2015

Tuesday 13th January Whatever Next!

Morning…Yesterday we started our new story of the week in class “Whatever Next”, about a bear who went to the moon in a cardboard box.


We made stained glass rockets with tissue paper and sticky plastic, which look very effective decorating the classroom windows.

photo 1 (38)

We hid story props in the Black Hole role play area and the children were sent in to find them using a torch. They then had to come back and describe where they were hidden using positional language. Some of the children deliberately moved things when told not to, making the task for others a little tricky and a trolley of maths equipment found itself all over the Black Hole floor…whatever next indeed?

I sat at lunch eating my dieting soup and toast when a colleague pointed out that she could see MOULD on my bread crust. In a flash my diet and lunch was no longer appealing. Whatever next?

I left work after a staff meeting and as it was chilly I put my coat and woolly hat on, as it was dark I put my glasses on in readiness for the drive home and as I had a lot to carry I had my oversized handbag. Disappointingly as I walked through the school reception I was told I looked like an ‘Old bag lady’ or a local tramp called ‘Camberley Kate’. Whatever Next?

Camberley katephoto (99)

Where does the similarity begin? I can see something missing….

I got home to find my house so cold I couldn’t bring myself to take off my coat…I hate to think what it is going to be like when the weather gets more Wintry and the radiators are dismantled. I made several cups of boiling hot tea to keep me warm and within minutes they were chilled thanks to the cooling house temperature, so who needs a fridge? I found a new drain in the side passage and a mountain pile of rubble blocking my way. Trying to maneuver the blue bin over the mountainous hill was interesting and I’m not even sure I’ve got the correct bin day. I decided I’d better get it over and out pretty darn quick because who knows what obstacle course we will have to fight through tomorrow!

January 14, 2015

Monday 12th January Final Panto Performance

Morning… I was home a bit later than I anticipated for an afternoon performance of Panto last night. Being the final show we had a few extra super sized footballs kicked into the auditorium, a few extra cakes thrown into Willy Do-It’s face, a few extra people on stage and a few extra on stage screaming runs by the man in Armour, but it was a good final show with an appreciative audience.

photo 5 (10)

Jack pantopanto 3rhydian panto


I hadn’t anticipated on going to the pub afterwards with the panto cast but that’s what happens when you are the chauffeur and son doesn’t drive…but whilst I sat in the corner trying to remind myself I needed to be up early the next day, the contents of my purse seemed to be ready to party, sadly at the hands of another.

I hadn’t anticipated on finding myself in McDonald’s at gone 10 pm when I’m supposed to be calorie watching in January but that’s what happens when nobody has eaten, it is getting late and son is persuasive.

Spoke to my husband who was unhappy that Mumbai Kitchen had messaged him on his mobile.”How do they know we are looking for a new kitchen?” I ask. I hadn’t anticipated on it being an Indian Restaurant!

Thankfully with husband away, I can turn on the light this morning to fully wake myself up but hadn’t anticipated on finding a sink full of beard whiskers when he is away…Happy Monday.

Yesterday I passed…



January 13, 2015

Sunday 11th January Hardly Regal Behaviour

Morning…We have tea bags this morning thanks to buying some… and not just your common PG Tips but Yorkshire teabags thanks to an offer at Waitrose. I slept in this morning thanks to husband making appointments at silly times yesterday and not today. We have less dust this morning thanks to cleaning and no builders at the weekend. We have another kitchen appointment next Saturday, thankfully at 10 am and not 8 am as I was present. It will be my last trip to Windsor for a while thanks to it being the final performance today. It will be the last time I shout “Yes he will!” at Willy Do It (Kevin Cuise) and “Boom Boom Basil” at Basil Brush…oh yes it is!

Dropped off son at Panto and as it was a lovely day had a walk by the river to see the Royal swans and took a sad selfie!

photo 3 (15)

photo 1 (36) photo 2 (30)

Spotted five Little Geese who went swimming one day…along with one littler duck and three bigger swans. They didn’t go over a hill but they did make a terrible racket!

photo 1 (35)

The number of swans, ducks and birds is a definite tourist attraction but typically it took one of the feathered kind to spoil the experience and leave me and my coat unimpressed!

photo 2 (29)

Unbelievably a Windsor pigeon chose to POOP on my coat as I was taking a photo..so common and hardly regal behaviour. People said it was lucky..can’t quite see how as I now need to take my coat to the cleaners which will cost me money… Hardly lucky!

Today I passed..


January 10, 2015

Saturday 10th January Kingfisher On The Quay

Morning… not feeling it this Saturday! I was so looking forward to a weekend lie in only to find that husband has made an appointment for us to visit Howdens Kitchen units and talk with a designer at 8 in the morning. I’m hating the wind, hating the fact that the house is suddenly so cold and I hate the fact that earache has been hovering for days and is still here. I am also hating the fact that there are no teabags because husband told the builders to help themselves and they did..to the lot. What else has he told them to help themselves to? He did think he had found me one teabag but it tasted of liquorice after being in husbands tea tin so my morning pick me up has failed.

Think cat has found a new litter tray, the outside extension..builders are going to be thrilled if she wees over their belongings! Everything going so well

Morning Panto run done and have offered to pick up very late..not sure what I was thinking but it is the last cast meal and son wanted to go.

This afternoon suggested to husband we use discount vouchers I got at Team Christmas meal at The Kingfisher On The Quay at Mytchett to go out for a meal..my second low calorie meal fail in two days! it was very relaxing, comfy sofas to sit on, a view of the lake, lovely food which with the discount was even better and a light that I managed to smash my head on four times much to my husbands amusement..my Saturday didn’t turn out so bad after all.

photo (96)


photo 2 (28)photo 3 (14)photo 1 (34)photo 4 (11)

January 10, 2015

Friday 9th January What A Morning!

Morning…It’s thankfully Friday! Just dusted down the toaster, ran the tap over the kettle and tip toed through brown sand. Thankfully banana had a skin and everything else came out of the fridge. Welcome to my present kitchen where window view is non existent, where foot wear at all times is essential and everything that is visible needs cleaning before use. Because I failed to realise footwear was essential feet are disgusting so will need to add foot scrub to daily shower routine!

photo 3 (12)

Think laughing gas was in the air in the stalls at Panto last night…people were hysterically laughing even when the words were not supposed to be funny! What a bizarre audience.

My neighbours are going to love me this morning..as I got into my car my oversized handbag hit the horn and it was 7 in the morning! The school caretaker laughed at me this morning…arrived at school about to make a cup of tea when the fire alarm goes off. No one else around so decide I’d better take heed and leave the building. Standing outside the front entrance in the dark when I see through the doors the caretaker sorting out the alarm. I poke my head in and say “Is it alright to enter the building?” He looks at me and says “you obviously haven’t been here at 7.30 am on a Friday morning as I have to test the alarm every week!”…obviously not!

fire alarm

My colleagues rolled their eyes at me this morning..health kick conversation continues and one says “I’ve ordered a cross trainer” and I reply “I’ think I’d prefer a happy one!”..I think I’ve been to panto far too many times and its humour is rubbing off on me!

Thankfully my week finished with a lovely classroom Owl Babies display, a not so lovely dining room with wall now missing, a return to my zimmer frame dancing class and a naughty fish and chip supper to finish my week of careful food eating with a terrible calorie laden BANG!

photo (97)

My place game for yesterday.. I passed through a sign that said…