February 28, 2015

Monday 16th February A Dark Day

Morning…a much needed lazy Monday, after a sadly lacking of sleep Sunday night! Husband did kindly bring me up a croissant in bed which had the same effect as a bag of Wotsits…anyone who has seen me eat those will know what a mess I look like after!

My son is need of a selection of cheap, but not exactly cheerful black attire for college. It is the first day of my holiday but he has requested a trip to Reading and a visit to the desirable department store Primark…yipee! Being a man who loves designer clothes, he will no doubt want to have a quick check of the more upmarket stores in the hope that mums purse is feeling generous…I’m thinking and the purse is knowing, he will be out of luck.

photo 1 (68)

photo 2 (65)

Now back.. sadly, the weather and mood were also unfortunately pretty black, so the trip wasn’t the most scintillating, or thankfully the most expensive. We bought what was needed and were home within a couple of hours. Reading seems to have lost a few shops since I was last there, so was a bit of a disappointment to us both.

My new extension plastered walls have dried out, so kitchen/diner now has a hint of pink look about it. Unfortunately, with little in the room, it echos meaning that all voices can be heard resonating through the house even at low volume, so whispering is preferable!

photo 1 (70)

photo 2 (67)

Winston the rabbit meanwhile likes sitting on the top of a sand pile..it hopefully won’t be long before his favourite spot will disappear and we will get back a room with a view.

photo 3 (44)

February 27, 2015

Sunday 15th February Dog The Bounty Hunter!

Morning..A lovely catch up with friends last night..a Valentine night foursome! Although don’t get the wrong idea, romance was not high on the agenda as husband kept calling me Dog, the Bounty Hunter, as hair needed attention! I didn’t actually know who he was referring to, so the internet was used to first, enlighten me and secondly, to offend me…Please, what an insult! The problem was, I tied my hair back at the sides which with roots needing doing and hair in bad condition, wasn’t a successful look…apparently!  Anyone wanting to picture me as the character can be assured I do not have a body full of tattoos, wear leather or have a beard..although the old ladies ‘biddy’ hair I found the other day on my chin, might of course be the start!


Husband, ever the romantic, wouldn’t accept my Valentines day card this morning, until he had got son to buy me one in return. He thought I hadn’t guessed, but it was the “no, I cant open that yet, I need to wait” followed by the shouting at son “quick, I need you to go out”… and then more urgently, “hurry, you need to go now!” that was the clue that he hadn’t actually purchased anything! When my son later came into my room and nonchalantly asked if I was happy with the card, that had the wording “To my beautiful Wife”..he of course, wasn’t to know that the previous night I’d been called me “Dog, the Bounty Hunter”..hardly,a beauty!

valentines card

We did have a lot of laughs…after a couple of wines I was talking about “pert time work”, an interesting concept, and it was pointed out to the husband of the couple, who has a small role in Fiddler On The Roof that perhaps he needed to look at his words, as it wasn’t appropriate to be shouting “my poor old arms”..when the words were in fact “alms for the poor!” Their cat looked on, tucked up nice and warm in his basket by the fire probably wondering what all the noise and laughter was about.

photo 2 (66)

Just for my place name people..I’m not too far from…





February 25, 2015

Saturday 14th February A Chinese Valentine Meal

Morning…I’m waiting for someone on this Valentines day who wants to go out into the garden to make me a cup of tea…not that they have to make it in the garden, but the floor has been screed so no can walk on it! The only way to reach the kitchen is to go through the garden and the back door…hoping the tea won’t chill by the time it reaches me!

Last night, as kitchen unusable for cooking and back unworkable for dancing, my husband and I decided to have our Valentines meal, a night early, at the local Chinese. The Chinese is situated in a small row of shops and next to it, is a local, very friendly shop run by an Asian family, which is always open late. At one point it was just an off licence but now it seems to sell everything and we seem to be always getting our sons to pop in there for one thing or another. I was making this observation as we walked past and stupidly said “It’s just like the old style corner shop…just not on a corner!”..you can imagine the look my husband gave me…

The restaurant was decorated and all ready for Valentines Day but seemed quite empty, so presumably everyone is very romantic and will be out celebrating today, the day for true romantics! I waited for my red rose, there appeared to be several nearby…but waiting for that, was like me waiting for tea from the garden..wishful thinking.

photo 1 (65)

We had a nice evening, dining in a relaxed setting, with a delicious meal, some ‘thank you’ jelly babies and a happy “Hi honey” greeting from the owner, who treats us like regulars..she pointed out that whist our kitchen is unusable hers isn’t so we could come there anytime!…unfortunately she didn’t add the important words “for free!”

photo 2 (62)

photo 4 (25)

photo 3 (40)

I’m in luck, husband has set off into the garden to make me a cup of tea and has told me to have a phone on standby in case he needs to ask me anything…how romantic is that? I’m a lucky woman indeed…

February 23, 2015

Friday 13th February Technically Lacking!

Morning…Fi Fi Phonics had another go at videoing last night but her technical skills need some work. After videoing her phonics video upside down at work, she forgot to switch her iPad to video, when videoing the Contemporary dance routine for son to learn. She spent three minutes trying to keep still, making no noise and concentrating so hard on getting it right, only to find she had the blurred starting position and nothing else!…those standing around me, also videoing couldn’t believe it and the giggles began..

photo 1 (64)

But, despite my failings I can take comfort in knowing that my day wasn’t wasted because I know this happened…

Fi Fi phonics  affect

Back has unfortunately gone after sitting for too long in the M3 road works on journey home from dancing so might not make my dancing class tonight..today I have parents consultations, possibly more Fi Fi phonics and half term..hurrah!

Got home after a tiring day vocally, to find my kitchen walls still damp and dark after plastering finished yesterday and cat looking ready and relaxed for half term…zzzzz

photo 3 (39)

photo 2 (61)

Not a terribly long post, so I’ll add a place name for my gaming people. I went near to..



February 21, 2015

Thursday 12th February Fi Fi Phonics

Afternoon…no Internet this morning and turned on the dishwasher to find power kept tripping, so had to prepare myself for work mostly in the dark! I have spent the day not doing what I had planned. I was expecting to be all dramatic with an Inset day on Drama. However, we sat there in a circle waiting for the course leader to arrive and after a phone call found that there was a mix up of dates and she thought she was coming the next day! I was a girl guide in my youth and should know that I need to be prepared for all eventualities, but nothing could prepare me for what I ended up having to do instead! There is always so much to do in education so firstly,we planned and prepared resources which was fine. Then it was decided we needed to make phonics videos for the school website and I was to be the voice. I looked at the state of my hair, the state of my dress and thought..yep, JUST the voice would be best

phonics cards

Video Take One…I held some small blue cards and said the sounds as I turned each card. Unfortunately the cards were too small and the fumbling of cards a nightmare! CUT.

Video Take Two…We videoed the Single sound recap power point that we use on the Whiteboard for phonics, whilst I said each sound. Unfortunately the sounds were too quiet and not clear enough. CUT.

Video Take Three I held on to the iPad so the microphone was nice and close to my voice. Unfortunately the whole video was UPSIDE DOWN…hysterical laughter! CUT.

I was sacked from using the iPad.

Video Take Four, Five and Six… We tried again with me saying the sounds a bit louder, but the videographer kept laughing at my actions, the expression of my voice and how I said certain sounds…the “ll” sound was a particular problem! When two people start to giggle, it’s very hard to carry on so it was yet again a..CUT..but we kept the video for posterity!

Video Take Six and Seven… We tried again and it was CUT due to laughter at me again saying the sounds.

We asked for the video we had done so far to be checked by a senior member of staff, before struggling on. She decided that it would be even better to have someone to do the actions to make it visually more pleasing and to further help parents and children. I did explain that I wasn’t dressed or looking my best, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Video Eight to probably Twelve!…me standing next to the board saying the sound and doing all 26 actions, which eventually was completed and given the ok by those that matter. Phew.

Hoped it was all done, but video Thirteen to nearly Twenty was me doing the actions for all Phase Three double sounds..I had blank moments, I did the wrong action, the Videographer laughed so much she was sacked, half of my colleagues visibly cried with laughter, but finally video number two was completed…not perfect but good enough!

I am now known as Fi Fi Phonics..and the joy of knowing we have yet more videos to make…but next time I will get my roots done, dress appropriately or perhaps ask someone else if they want to have a go!

February 19, 2015

Wednesday 11th February A Letter To The Aliens

Morning..hoping everyone has their underpants on after yesterdays shenanigans and I’m not surrounded by a community of commandos..last day with children today, as tomorrow and Friday are Inset days.

Last night’s rehearsal required more screaming and wailing by me, but as my voice was a bit delicate I tried to do it quietly, which is not easy. Luckily, my pants kept my flabby bits vaguely tucked in, but playing an eccentric dead person means its OK if it all fails and  some bits hang out. I did remember to take a scarf to waft , so my cardigan buttons didn’t take a battering and surprisingly, my wafting skills had improved since last week, even without practice…there’s talent for you! A bed was required for Tevye and Golde to sit on whilst dead grandma came to them in a dream, so they improvised with a PE vaulting horse which they halved and sat on..nothing too strenuous took place.

photo 2 (59)

Today, the aliens yet again visited out classroom and stole some pants off the washing line, but this time one pair had completely disappeared. We decided that aliens didn’t understand that it was wrong to steal other peoples possessions, so we needed to help them understand. One little boy decided we should write a letter to them, asking for the pants back because it wasn’t fair that they had taken a child’s pants without asking and he was feeling sad. He then wanted us to make it into the shape of an aeroplane and send it up to space. If this didn’t work his back up plan was a bit more drastic.. “to kill them!” Thankfully, it didn’t come to that, as we sent the letter up to space..well, after 5 goes it dipped and dropped in front of our feet, so we left it for the aliens to hopefully collect and after lunch we amazingly received a letter on alien headed paper! The aliens apologised and sent the pants back…all was happy in the small world of pants and children, a lovely, happy end to the half term!

photo 2 (60)

An even nicer end to a teachers half term is when a member of staff makes cake and we have one who makes very nice cakes, so result all round ..apart from for my gripper knickers, which might need to stretch and go up a size!photo 1 (63)

February 18, 2015

Tuesday 10th February A World Without Pants!

Morning…so the pants theme continues! Firstly, never a good start to the morning when you realise you didn’t set the alarm and you wake up with fifteen minutes to go before you need to leave to rush to the station. Thankfully husband kindly did the station run for me..he can recover later as he works from home, which only requires one person showering immediately, whereas if I did the run, it requires two..I wouldn’t want children to go home and tell parents their teacher was smelly..all in all a pretty pants start to my day!

The children arrived at school to find some of the high quality, Primark pants they had decorated missing from the washing line… taken by aliens of course!

photo 1 (61)

They spent the morning searching in the classroom, looking for footprints which they of course saw, (to me it looked liked squashed play dough on the carpet, but then I know nothing! ) spying out the window for aliens landing (and they saw them too, they were green!) and worrying about losing their own underpants along with everyone else’s. They eventually found all the missing pants, but not before one child announced that he thought the aliens wanted all of England’s pants and a discussion was had about the Queen having no knickers and what would happen! A knickerless Queen is not a vision many can, or would want to visualise, so we wondered if the aliens would be sent to the Tower of London if caught, or if she would keep her knickers with the Crown Jewels to keep them safe..hopefully a spotlessly clean pair and not a pair already worn!

the queen.jpg 2

The same child then thought the aliens would move on to America and take all of their pants too..we were now getting into the realm of a whole world without pants..imagine! Firstly, it would be very chilly in the nether regions, everything would be hanging out, not tucked in, not pulled up, not squeezed in and how would I keep my tights up? When I’m wearing tights I’ve always been a two pairs of knicker type of lady..one underneath and one on top to stop the tights from slipping to my knees and prevent me from having to hoist the whole time..it does happen!

In our messy play area this week we have some space or alien looking creative food substance to touch, feel and explore.. coloured spaghetti! It was delivered looking like a spaghetti cake and then we decided to mix the yellow and green cakes together to get a mish mash mixture that I wouldn’t put my fingers in, but which children did. Let’s hope they obey the rules and don’t eat it!

photo 3 (36)photo 2 (58)

A Fiddler On The Roof rehearsal later and I will definitely be wearing the pants that hold it in, squeeze it tight, pull it up, because my body needs all the help it can get…particularly when dancing and bouncing about, which is very loosely what I do at rehearsals!



February 17, 2015

Monday 9th February A Pants Day!

Morning…One more week to survive! My house isn’t as cold as it once was…not sure if it is the bi-fold doors, a raise of temperature outside or my menopausal state kicking back into action…for the first time in a while I didn’t need my woolly blanket and duvet at night!

I like the Timehop App for reminding me of funny things that happen. Today it reminded me of a visit to Waitrose a year ago when both my husband and I needed to worry! One of my class came running up to me and spotting my husband asked “Is that your dad?” Husband walked off contemplating buying youthful moisturiser whilst I laughed so much I had to rummage around in my handbag for a tissue! I pulled one out without paying much attention and was about to blow my nose into it, when I realised it was a GREEN TEABAG! (and before you think this is a strange thing to carry around, I often carry them around when my voice is croaky, after losing my voice for five months, four years ago..my biggest worry when getting a cold!)
green tea bag
This week is a short week with children, but the story of the week is..
photo 3 (35)
We had a quick circle time on what the children did at the weekend to start our day. Small children’s discussion makes you smile and they often get caught out with what they are saying. When one child said “We went to Lego land at the weekend”…it was pointed out that it was closed as off season! Another child who we knew had actually been, but only to collect his seasonal pass, said he had been there and the children then had a discussion about where it was…”Yes, it is just down the M3″ and another replied “oh, I thought it was down the M62!”.. love the conversation of 4 year olds who haven’t a clue which motorway is in the North or South of the country, but know they go somewhere!
Having done a lot about Aliens we moved on to the theme of pants! We thought we might please parents by getting our children used to hand washing by putting a few pants and some washing liquid in the water trays..one child gave us a little bit more information than required and said “my dad has poo in his pants” and proceeded to scrub a little harder!
photo 5 (17)
Everyone is decorating a pair of pants with some repeating patterns to continue with our maths theme. A colleague arrived and was feeling a little uncomfortable until she realised her knickers were actually inside out, but apparently it is unlucky to change them so the discomfit lasted all day.. all in all a PANTS day!
Although the rhyming rockets were far from it… think some of them get it..at last!
photo 4 (24)
Always good to know that when you put things in a safe they are indeed safe, except of course when a colleague wants to check all  items are safe in the safe and does it without asking permission…thankfully they were all safe, so in British slang terms…SAFE!
February 16, 2015

Sunday 8th February Heat Pad De-fluffer!

Morning…Hoping I make the Young Set dance rehearsal today..need to find the location first which is always a challenge when it is a new venue.

Used one of my back, heat pads yesterday and for some reason I failed to put used pad in the bin and found it on my bedroom floor instead. Well, it was like a light bulb moment..I saw the sticky side face up with bits on it and looked at my floor with bits of fluff on the floor and the next thing I knew I was on all fours using the heat pad as a de-fluffer..a very successful exercise..apart from the bit that I appear to have missed in the photo!

photo 2 (56)

At the moment I’m wishing my life was a bit more sorted and less stressful, but rehearsal was looking not bad with a couple of months to go before the show. I spent the afternoon being entertained by talented children and young adults of all ages and enjoyed a bit of a sing song myself…limbering up my vocal chords always gives me a well needed pick me up!

On the return journey we went via Marks and Spencer’s to buy one of their ready cooked hot chickens for our Sunday roast. They are on the expensive side at £5.99 but when you have no kitchen and your body needs hot and quickly prepared food, you don’t care, so we bought a  whole chicken and a half, just in case! Son then spotted some stuffed mushrooms he liked the fancy of, so our Sunday meal was three courses, courtesy of M and S.

photo 1 (59)

Our rehearsal venue was…




February 14, 2015

Saturday 7th February This Is The Moment!

Morning…Last night my bad back made it to dancing…body not yet up to spotty dog jumps which might jar it, so I’m doing free style with a zimmer frame in The Wedding Singer section. It takes a lot of skill and practice to shuffle on, boogie a bit and then shake it about..the frame, not parts of my body, but I did have my little moment! Lulu, the toilet roll holder hat will be getting another big moment and another show outing…


When I asked if I needed to wear a wig as well as the role of Grandma, some cheeky wotsit said “no, you’ve got enough grey there already!”.. a sign that I need to do my roots before husband tells me that cars will stop if I bend over, or my hair looks like a badger! What it is to be surrounded by charming men.

My extension is coming along and the kitchen has a new window, which will allow me to be nosy and neighbours to see me and hopefully, the men in my life, wash up..apparently it is the done thing…yep, to have men wash up and a window above the sink!

photo 2 (55)

Also looking forward to seeing the bi-fold doors in daylight. Although that moment also allowed me to see the building site that is my garden, not something to look forward to!

photo 1 (58)photo 3 (34)

My husband isn’t often speechless and embarrassed but it happened today. He was in the little boys room when the phone rang and son answered it. We have obviously failed in teaching the art of tact and diplomacy as son said, to the person on the other end of the phone ( in very charming manner mind)  “No, I’m sorry he can’t come to the phone right now, he is in the toilet!” I was standing next to him and husband also heard and we both shouted “don’t say that!”. He came off the phone unable to say who it was that he had spoken to.. Luckily, it wasn’t the bank manager or a customer but someone husband could laugh it off with! It was a moment husband wont forget, a moment that hopefully son wont ever repeat after his telling off and a moment I laughed at! A year ago my son sung ‘This Is The Moment’ at a cabaret, which is a personal favourite, so I decided to share. The camera work isn’t great but the singing makes up for it!