May 8, 2015

Monday 13th April That’s Entertainment Act 2

Morning…I have spent an hour unpacking, washing, drying and finding a home for a whole cupboards worth of glassses of various types and sizes! How can it be possible to have so many? Anyone would think we were a family of drinkers! I will be thinking of all those school workers returning to school today and grateful that I am not one of them…so glad that my week off was this side of the show rather than before, as more time to recover and sort out all costumes!


Second half show run down with photos today, starting with That’s Entertainment and a compnay of clowns brimming with happiness and laughter and a few cutie penguins.


clowns 2

maisie and Jack clowns


Then we moved on to a Contemporary Dance where one son had the opportunity to wear a leotard and had to try and balance a girl on his feet,whilst the other sang an Ed Sheeran song.


Dan in contemporary

The younger children did a section from Wicked and my son sang ‘Singing In The Rain’ and had the opportunity to do some tap dancing with a dodgy umbrella!


singing ij the rainsinging in the rain umbrellas

Singing in the rain

To commemorate 100 years of the great war we had a section called War and Peace, which a number of the children had performed at the Variety Club  Make A Wish Ball back in Novenmber.


war 1


The Young Set performed their tribute to The Jersey Boys, my youngest sons dream role.

Jersey boys

jack jersey boys

And finally to the songs that always finish a Young Set Show ‘its not where you start it’s where you finish’ and ‘oh boy, oh boy it’s great to be Young’..something that everyone performing on stage was but some of us singing in the pit weren’t!

The Finale



The show is finally over…

Thought I was getting somewhere with my tidying but then someone left the back doors open and we have had to clear a path of rabbit droppings round the house and a puddle of wee in the kitchen…not amused, even if he was only Winston the rabbit leaving his visiting card!


May 4, 2015

Sunday 12th April Let the Magic Begin Act 1

Morning…I am sooo tired! A fantastic show last night, the pit singers had a ball and another pit selfie…

pit selfie

the performers excelled and John and Marsha Ratcliff from Variety Club were there to watch, enjoy the show and do the final ‘thank you’ telling the children, young performers and Babette how wonderful they were for helping to raise money for eleven sunshine coaches.

After we had cleared the dressing room of costumes, rails and rubbish we packed everything into the car. It was gone 11 o’clock, past my usual bedtime but there seems no rest for the wicked. It was on to a friends house for an after show party for the older performers. I was tired, too old, cold and relied on a mug of tea to keep me warm and awake! My husband and two other dads sat under a rug in the garden with the drinking, rowdy teenagers who were still full of energy! We managed an hour before I persuaded the partygoers to make the long journey home, exhausted after a fun, but busy and long week.

Now it is over we can share the photos, the fab costumes and the show!

The opening…let the magic begin!

The opening costume

openin girls

The youngsters then took everyone on a journey from Country Bumpkin to City Slickers. Followed by my sons performing in the section ‘Work and Play’ which started with 9 to 5  and moved on to Footloose.

nine to five 2

We then took a visit to sweetie Heaven and the Candy Shop. The kids were dressed in a variety of different sweet related costumes and each had their own song and dance from allsorts to gummy bears, marshmallows and lollipops! They also had the cutest costumes.

candy shop

Miss Saigon was next and some of the small babies had the saddest faces to melt your heart in the final song Bui Doi!

Miss Saigon 3

miss saigon jack 7

miss saigon 8

The next section was the Valse des Fleurs ballet with the prettiest pink tutus and on to the musical of Carousel.

pink tutus

carousel 3

Carousel 4

Top of the Pops took us on a trip down memory lane which included songs from the Beatles, The Monkeys, Lulu, Sonny and Cher and of course YMCA, with a mini version of every band member.


The big ones rocked it out in a section from Rock of Ages.

Rock of Ages 1Rock of Ages jack

The Younger children acted as revolting kids in School and the finale was Great Britain…our Glorious Kingdom: We are a Land of Hope and Glory.


Welsh and UK

Exhausted? That was only the first half and the second I will share tomorrow!