June 30, 2015

Sunday 7th- Tuesday 9th June A Toilet Roll Gift!

Morning…spent the afternoon yesterday with my mum at Southampton Hospital and think she will be in for a few days yet, as she is still dehydrated and they won’t start her next bout of chemo until it is sorted. Her rash, ulcers and painful feet are gradually diminishing and she is gradually getting her appetite back, although hospital food is not particularly appetising! She has her own room, but without the view she had the last time. I had to be silenced by my husband for using my rather loud outside voice and laugh in the hospital, so must try and find an inside voice for visiting times!

Somebody during Fiddler on the Roof gave my husband a gift of a piano keys toilet roll, which is currently in use in our toilet. The thought behind the gift was lovely and I’m not an ungrateful soul, but please people use it quick! It is crisp, hard, noisy, difficult to flush and looks as though something unsavoury has happened in our toilet each time it doesn’t flush!

toilet paper

It’s Sunday and someone is quite relaxed..

relaxed bailey

It’s Monday. Two out of four have left the house and two out of four are still in bed! Rehearsal yesterday in London for son who is in a cabaret. It was happy, calm and amazingly finished early! I only needed one out of the two costumes I took, but my son now has a dodgy Abba costume to wear. We decided that the choreographer who is a wonderful lady but with a tendency to get stressed, must have been on the vodka like one of my son’s friends who was nursing a big hangover! Today it’s Sports Day Practice in the sun..

abba costume 1

It’s Tuesday. I got to lunchtime and unable to open my eyes for over an hour. it wasn’t that I needed a sleep, although a pillow and a duvet would have been nice, but my eyes did not like that we had been practising for Sports Day and the grass was being cut! I have now purchased the allergy relief stock from Boots. Not sure why, but this week is going slowly…


Evening…it’s gone ten and just home…Ofsted called today…what great timing! Thanks for the loveliest birthday present ever for me to look forward to.



June 28, 2015

Monday June 1st- Saturday June 6th Hanging in there!

Afternoon…It’s Monday and just got home to find I won Yateley Gig On The Green tickets on Facebook! It’s about time something went right…thankfully it means my two sons can now come without me having to pay out more money…result.

GOTG winner

It’s Tuesday. I’m not sleeping easy but need as much shut eye as possible, so my early posts are not happening. This morning my eye sight was suffering after squirting perfume in my eyes and taking a writing pencil out to use as an eye pencil. My feet are suffering, as it is freezing cold in flaming June. My body is now suffering after exhausting home visits for new Reception children starting in September. I can however spend my Tuesday evening safe in the knowledge that I have now claimed my winning GOTG winning tickets online and my ghostly apparition portrayal in Fiddler on the Roof, was according to todays Noda write up, “larger than life” and “made an impact both visually and with my acting”…hurrah!

fiddler dream photo

It’s Wednesday. I have been awake since 5am and Escape to the Country has been watched rather than sending me back to sleep! More home visits today, have woken up coughing and so far listened to four alarm clocks going off, only one is mine and so far no one has got up!


Here is my own Wednesday image..

wednesday image

It’s Thursday. My car is going for its MOT today. The wind screen wiper is fraying and it needs a new battery as light keeps coming on so think it might fail. Day four of home visits and I think I’m in need of an MOT…smiling, happy face is fraying and my battery is flagging…wishing it  was Friday but sadly only Thursday.

hang in there...thursday

It’s Friday. I am being a London Commuter as going on an Excellence in Early Years course. Have even managed to catch an earlier train, buy tea and pastry as no time for breakfast. I’m trying to ignore the niggling headache…Never been to London so early in the morning and the silence and shut eyes on the train was an eerie experience! The course was very good although the room hot with the sun blazing through the windows and a lot of listening was required…the two together along with already niggling headache weren’t a perfect match. The lunch however, an important factor in all day courses was delicious and the view from the top of the building great!

london at courseLondon at course 1

The train home was a very different experience…crowded and noisy. One poor lady opposite had a bandage cover over one eye. As the guard announced where the train was stopping she asked if it stopped at Fleet. I replied “I hope so, as that is where I am going!” There was a little bit of chat during the journey and as we arrived the lady with the bandage asked if I could help her off the train as she couldn’t see. I picked up her bags, which included flowers and helped her towards the door. I asked her if she was coming home from hospital and she explained that she had had two operation on her eye as she had a tumour. The first was to remove the tumour and the second to put in a plate. The lady was Maltese and when I asked her how she was getting home she said “by taxi”. I asked if she had any family around and she said she had a son in Malta who had visited her, but had now returned and she was going to visit him soon. I asked the lady where she lived, but did not know the area otherwise I would have taken her home myself. Instead I took her to the taxi driver and explained her predicament. Her situation played on my mind and I pondered on how a hospital could discharge someone who had no family at home, was leaving on public transport and who couldn’t see..so sad.

Yep by 8pm, I was in bed with my headache and had the energy to party on a Friday night of an old lady!

Its Friday and I'm ready to party

It’s Saturday. I was supposed to be going to visit my mum in Lymington but she is back in hospital after reacting in every way possible to chemo, so we will be visiting her in hospital instead.


June 26, 2015

Thursday 28th- Sunday 31st May Male Escapees!

Morning…my hair was coloured, cut and I was looking as gorgeous as I possibly could for doing yesterdays work…the job I waited for my husband to do but which never happened…three trips to the dump to clear the garden…I’m still not finished!

I live with three men and must have been very bad in a previous life..you give a 22 year old grown man a job to do and in the morning I get faced with this delightful note and a sink still full of washing up! It’s alright, but he doesn’t get up until lunchtime in the holidays and I’m not in a position to shout or argue at the moment. I guess I know who will be doing it, even though I know I shouldn’t. He will meanwhile escape from the chore he was given!

kitchen sink note

Male Friend- Do it! Its your job!!!

Friend- Don’t do it… but now I think you should perhaps prepare dinner and use every pot, pan and bowl you have to add to the pile and make sure you put the note on top!

Husband- I thought it was very courteous. But note it was written in upper case and unsigned. Also why are we buying such expensive kitchen roll. Please see me.

It’s Friday. I’m learning that all men including rabbits need to be watched. The side gate was shut, the other side entrance was blocked but Winston the rabbit, managed to escape into the street for the second time after finding escape route number three…through new bi-fold doors, out kitchen door, into hallway and out of OPEN front door…open because son who failed to do the washing up yesterday was trying to repay me by washing my car and was using the hoover…think Winston is a rabbit getting well above his station, fancy thinking it appropriate to leave by the front entrance!

winston 1

It’s Saturday…terrible night coughing all the time and nearly choked which did not help voice comeback. Had no sleep as son had severe stomach pains and we were googling what it might be. As husband had drunk a few glasses of wine he escaped possible hospital drive and I was on hospital drive standby…thankfully it was not needed in the end, think son’s dodgy tummy was a case of severe constipation!

Time Hop reminded me of a year ago when I went to a wedding at Gretna Green on a train and alcohol was given out as both the bride and bridegroom worked for British Rail and got special permission. That was an experience and I found myself with matching handbag and alcohol can.

accessorize drink

June 24, 2015

Sunday 24th- Wednesday 27th May After Show Celebrations

Morning…a fab and successful show week that has got everyone talking about TOPS Musical Theatre company for the right reasons after it nearly folded last year. Here is my Fiddler on the Roof Flipagram of photos.

I am however not talking as I have no voice, my husband is celebrating as he has no beard


beard gone

and our vice chair will be panicking as he as lots of people turning up at his house in a few hours time to party and apparently can’t move…there is a strong chance it could be mayhem!

bbq food


Thankfully it wasn’t mayhem but a lot of people had a few too many and here is a smiling face of one of them!

It’s Bank Holiday Monday. A great BBQ yesterday so thank you to the hosts, although I had to leave earlier than most as voice gone, throat sore and not feeling at all well.

My slumber was disturbed in the early hours by my husband returning home asking me if I had his phone and camera in my bag. He went downstairs and others returned, so slumber disturbance number two was thanks to noise and general chatting in rather loud voices of the younger generation. Returned to sleep and slumber disturbance number three, was due to phone ringing…husband was trying to locate the same phone he had located earlier and which he left in the bedroom! Think his brane might have been addled by the drink or two. Thank goodness the sun is shining…

We returned later in the day to friends house to finish off all remaining BBQ food and find the Anatevka railway station sign still hanging in a garden bush.

anatevka sign

It’s Tuesday…trying not to talk as my voice is struggling to return. Trying to change the sheets on our bed and struggling, as cat seems to think it is a game! Hope you all continue to enjoy the sunshine and that the workers work hard…I won’t be working at all as thankfully still on holiday.

Bailey under the sheets

It’s Wednesday. It’s becoming a silent half term with persistent coughing, so not much fun. I’m awake early which is also not great. Today I try to look less like a grandma and more like a mama as my hair is  being coloured and cut and for the first time someone else is doing it…hurrah!

June 21, 2015

Monday 18th- Saturday 23rd May Show Week!

Morning…may show week commence…I’m a bit tired after a long tech run last night!

It’s Tuesday and I am waiting at Frimley park Hospital physio department for a chat about my back! Last night Fruma-Sarah went without the veil over the face so that she could see the monitor in the distance and know when to start her wailing!

group fiddler photo

Now she needs to add a wet flannel to her dressing room accessories as she needs to wipe off scary white make up in double quick time to come back on stage looking like a respectable wedding guest!

wedding picture 1

She also needs a helping hand on and off the box behind the bed and needs to be able to see what she is doing…she doesn’t want to fall and do any more damage to her body! Opening night tonight so fingers crossed…

It’s Wednesday and all the ladies were very grateful to the men for their lovely flowers.

fiddler flowers

Great feedback from opening night. It went very well and we had a very appreciative audience who gave us some great comments like “amazing performance” ” a fabulous evening with an amazing cast” and “a fantastic show…well done!” Unfortunately the journey back home was not great, amazing or fantastic, as they decided to firstly shut the M3 and then very cleverly also the A30 which was our diverted route…why would they do this? I had to go on some de tour via Woking making our journey home twice as long, when it was already far too late and now this morning I certainly don’t want to be WOKING UP! We seem to be eating sweets galore during the show in the dressing room and sugar high calorie laden food is in abundance, so my diet will not be happening this week. When I shouted out loud “Haribo, super mix Haribo” I wondered if I should be in the rumour scene in the show following on from the shouts of “fish, fresh fish” or “bagels, lovely bagels” but I don’t suppose Haribo’s were in existence!…show 2 tonight.

rumour scene

It’s Thursday and I announced in the dressing room that I needed to hold on to my ‘Tevye’…I was talking about the word that I wail, but suddenly it has a whole new meaning! I might not be holding on to it all at this rate, as I seem to be getting the cough and throat thing that everyone at school has got…my body can’t fight it much longer!

Friend-that’s what happens when you hold on to your Tevye for toooo long!

Scary wig was added to my look last night!

fiddler scary wig

It’s Friday and last night the ghost of Fruma Sarah was sadly there in body but not voice…the dressing room was quiet, she lacked energy and whilst she danced with a man, something she has done for the first time every day this week, her voice was also sung by a man for the first time…off stage! The veil is now covering her face to prevent any voice sync issues so a helping hand is required to get on the box as she can’t see a thing!

the dream

On the plus side there was no egg bouncing across the stage, it was apparently a slick performance and the M3 was open and I was tucked up in bed well before midnight!

Rave reviews have also meant we have sold out for tomorrow night with people coming a second time.

It’s Saturday and half term begins. Energy needed for two performances today and my lie in didn’t work. Whilst my voice seems a little better and I’m a dab hand at port gargling, I am coughing all the time. It could be curtains for me singing again and trying to bow with a veil is most infuriating it keeps falling over my face!

fiddler curtains

June 19, 2015

Sunday 17th May My Am Dram Aid..Nip & Tuck!

Morning…the dress run yesterday of Fiddler on the Roof went quite well. The costumes and beards looked great and the men looked suitably Jewish.

fiddler rehearsal 4

The dancing was suitably energetic.

Fiddler rehearsal 6

The acting was suitably dramatic.

fiddler reheasal 10

The props were suitably simple.

fiddler rehearsal 8

These two were suitably hung over..

fiddler rehearsal  9

and my husband was suitably cast in the role of Tevye!

rehearsal 7

Our choreographer who is extremely hard to please, was even heard to say the words “good”…we presumed she was talking about our performance, but I suppose she could have been agreeing with the fact I think I’m getting a cold or even my desire and need to go on a diet! I am becoming increasingly aware that this is something I must do, although yesterday I sampled the greatest one minute weight loss ever. I lost a stone visibly in seconds with what I now refer to as the ‘nip and tuck’ weight loss programme… useful to anyone not wanting to look like a beached whale on stage….I will now be on this programme all week, after viewing myself in a photograph and hoping I can firstly breathe and secondly, move my arms…our choreographer will not be saying the words ‘good’ if I can’t!

Husband-oh hell, does that mean we have to audition for the role of the pregnant beached whale then?

Friend-I can highly recommend weight loss programme…it happened before our eyes.

Here I am in the Mama’s group photo  looking horrifyingly large, before the nip and tuck procedure

fiddler rehearsal 2

and here I am afterwards, one stone lighter…so simple!

fiddler rehearsal 3

After the rehearsal we went to the pub for a quick drink and catch up which is always lovely and then we made the long journey home.

Today it is band call which I always love. The music comes alive, the show is lifted and the performers start to buzz with excitement, or nerves depending on their disposition!

This year the band call is being done in the Foyer of Hampton Hill Playhouse where we are performing the show.

We all sat around and sang as the band played through the whole show and the Musical Director ironed out any problems. My wailing solo, the Dream, worryingly has the most..I’m not panicking at all!

band call

Band call 2

Band call over and a quick sort out of our busy and overcrowded dressing room. This was followed by another quick drink and bite to eat at the pub, ready for the long tech run ahead…an Am Dram stagey weekend it is!



June 14, 2015

Saturday 16th May Bocketts Farm

Morning… how do you get soaking wet at a farm when it doesn’t rain? You go on the first tractor ride of the day after a day of torrential rain and sit underneath a canopy full of collected rain water! We were half way up the hill at Bocketts Farm and drenched, before the tractor driver decided to stop and clear the overhead canopy.

Bocketss farm rain on tractor

Our tractor journey took us up through the woods, past the pigs, the cows and some new highland cattle and gave us a wonderful view before taking us back down past the fields with deer and other farm animals in them.

bockets farm view

We visited the stables.

bockets farm horse

bockets farm donkey

bockets farm donkey 1

We held some of the small animals, watched a goat being milked and all felt the warm jug of milk.

Bockets bunny

bockets milking goat

We went into the big barn and saw lots of animals with their babies and a few more unusual farm animals.

Bockets farm sheep

bockets farm goats

Bockets farm barn

Bocketss farm Barn

After lunch we watched the pig racing and some of the children got to wave a flag.

Bockets farm pig racing

We saw some ducks and geese and all the children had a great time in the huge play area before taking the coach trip back to school. Everyone, including me were very tired but happy after a great day.

goose bockets farm

As if I hadn’t had enough of blooming animals I then spent an evening chasing Winston the rabbit round the garden. Having finally tricked him into the kitchen I then had more  chasing around our kitchen island with the laundry basket as a hoopla…I didn’t win the prize…he kept escaping!

June 12, 2015

Wednesday 13th- Friday 15th May Boffin Status Eludes Me!

Morning…Listening to the sound of snoring to my left and birds tweeting to my left and right can only mean one thing…it’s far too early to be awake! Rehearsal last night and playing the part of the ghost Fruma Sarah I am struggling to see the conductor through the wafting of material scarves by the entire chorus. Now that I am wearing a veil over my face too, I am struggling to see at all, so contemplating wearing my night time glasses as a visual aid. Somehow I’m not sure it will look in keeping but just goes to show what I am increasingly feeling, ‘I’m getting very old!’

It’s Thursday and at school we re-enacted the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff in true Pie Corbett fashion.


Last night on our return journey home we re-enacted our own version. This is how it goes..

‘Once Upon a time there were three red foxes..daddy fox, mummy fox and baby fox who lived in a field. One dark night they wanted to cross the road. Baby fox crossed the road and the little blue car just missed him making the car passengers jump! Mummy fox crossed the road and the little blue car missed her making the passengers jump further! Daddy fox crossed the road and the little blue car missed him making the passengers not only jump, but have near heart attacks and need a lie down in a darkened room!’ Three in a row? It had us foxed…


My colleague was described as a ‘boffin’ for being so organised and on top of everything. I want to reach ‘boffin’ status but heart attacks don’t really help…

Time Hop reminded me of another reason why ‘boffin’ status might be eluding me.

‘Just found myself re enacting  an unseasonal Spring scene from the film The Snowman…I opened the fridge door, light on and stood there enjoying the chill with an inane smile on my face. It is surprising what pleases an overheating menopausal woman’ Menopausal women’s brains are not capable of boffin status!


It’s Friday and new parents evening last night so home late. Off to the farm today, so hoping that the skies had their rain quota yesterday…It’s FRIDAY!


June 7, 2015

Sunday 10th-Tuesday 12th May Richmond May Fair

Morning…Yesterday we had a good day at Richmond May Fair giving out leaflets, promoting our upcoming show Fiddler on the Roof and selling raffle tickets.

group may fair

Some of the TOPS cast were dressed in basic costume and others like me, wore our new TOPS sweatshirts. Mine was a lovely, bright purple colour.

The weather was kind although a bit windy, so the gazebo lasted all of minutes and collapsed!There were lots of stalls, lots of fairground style rides, lots of people, lots of performers and a variety of music playing in the background. We tried to play the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack to draw people to our stall and we even started to sing and dance along, but our quiet sound system was overpowered by the showground system. Sadly, us quiet retiring sorts had to sing and bop not just to our backing track, but to whatever was playing and it got noticed!

Richmond may fair slide

richmond may fair 15

May fair roundabout

Never before has my dancing been an asset but apparently I distracted an elderly man, who was looking for plants by my random dance moves. He also liked my purple hoodie! I was about to be super impressed with my dancing skills and did suggest as a sales pitch, that he might like to see more of my dancing in Fiddler on the Roof. However he then informed me that the reason he liked my purple hoodie was because his ex wife wore a purple flared trouser suit when they got married and he wore a black furry suit. Suddenly his compliments and my dancing skills were put into perspective…my dancing was THAT good!

me jigging at may fair

Lunchtime and my back needed a rest and my body needed sustenance, so a friend kindly bought me a hot dog. Not sure it was big enough and not sure passing strangers were too  impressed at my delicate eating habits!

may fair eating a sausage


After a tiring few hours we packed up our leaflets and tickets and had a well deserved drink at the pub. Richmond is such a lovely place and has lots of really good pubs. I then made my way down the M3 before the Rugby crowds left, missing the traffic

richmond Fair pub

pub Richmond fair

It is Monday and I have that first day of the week feeling! Both sons not well, I have a sore throat and am struggling to stay fit and healthy for show week and my first task of the morning is clearing cat sick, even she had that Monday morning feeling too!

We had a Fiddler on the Roof rehearsal yesterday and my car was in a little car park prang! I was waiting to enter the car park and a friend turned round one way but not the other and backed into me. Thankfully, it doesn’t look too badly damaged, just a little paint work damage. Rehearsal went ok and costumes coming together.

Fiddler on the Roof with Alan

The sun at least shone and I got a special SATS breakfast before work to get me ready for my day, a sausage in a roll, my staple diet recently!

It is Tuesday and I still have a sore throat. I am back on the Manuka honey and Green tea…fingers crossed but worried.


June 6, 2015

Thursday 7th -Saturday 9th May Questions Galore!

Morning…getting closer to our Fiddler on the Roof performance, so we had an extra rehearsal last night and went to The Turks Head pub in Twickenham. It took me down memory lane, as it was a pub we rehearsed in for many years when we were first married and our children were tiny. I can recall our eldest sitting in a car seat as a baby and being passed round various members as we rehearsed…some parents might frown on it, but it worked for us. The pub is now the home of the Bearcat Comedy Club and has had a big makeover since we were last there. It was a lovely pub to rehearse and meet up in, although parking can be tricky because of it’s location.

The Turk's Head, Twickenham, Fuller's

On the car journey home however, the discussion seemed to be about wind. The weather was fine, but someone apparently had a problem and no one could decipher exactly who!

Today on the agenda are class photos and the election. So many questions unanswered this morning…What to wear? Who to vote for?….and who and what caused the wind?

It’s Friday and yesterday was manic! Firstly, staff photo, then class photo. Modelling is not for me…far too many questions again…How to stand? Should I smile? What smile should I put on? How can I look slimmer? How can I not look old and wrinkly? Which is my best side? Do I have a best side? Why do I need to be in this photo? Please tell me how I can hide and not be seen? Isn’t that what children are there for…


Added to the photos, we had my class assembly practice, a meeting with my student’s tutor, my students lesson observation, running the school choir, along with the matter of teaching phonics and checking maths targets…I’m exhausted and so glad it is Friday and Reflexology after school! Note to self…. when children are moving like elephants to the Carnival of the Animals music it is not a good move to shout out very loudly ” keep swinging it about”…particularly when my colleagues are in the same room! They of course ask the question “What is swinging about?”  and were most interested in knowing “Who needed to keep swinging it about?”…the elephants of course!

Carinval of the animals

It’s Saturday…what a week and a weekend ahead. I was feeling so relaxed after my reflexology so me and my two cronies popped up the road to the pub to see a local girl, who we know, playing in her band.

Highwayman pub

I call ourselves cronies, because we all felt so old in a pub that was filled with people so young! We tried to fit in and not look out of place, but there is always that question, were we trying too hard and making a complete fool of ourselves? My son turned up, so as I danced and swung my ageing hips about, I did wonder.. am I an embarrassing mother? However, I bought him a couple of drinks and got to the point where I thought “who really cares?” We did have a great night…we chatted, drank, danced, along with feeling ancient. We are now looking forward to seeing her perform at the local music festival, Gig On The Green at the end of June, when I can yet again be, not exactly a girl, but an embarrassing mum, who likes to have fun!