July 8, 2015

Sunday 21st June Moist Suede Boots!

Morning…my weather predictions are rubbish. I decided to walk to a party down the road when it was dry, but the heavens opened mid journey and I was drenched. I did try to take shelter in a bush, then stand under a tree, but it wasn’t really helping, so I gave up and arrived looking soggy and with moist, suede boots stuck to my feet! The party was great and the photo call at the end of the evening by lots of us in our musical society was hilarious. Several photos were taken where the picture seemed blurred or dark. We decided to use a flash on an iPhone and got the best one yet, not a face, body or person recognisable, instead a ghostly, foggy white splodge!

white splodge photo call

We had all drunk a couple of glasses of Pimms or Prosecco, so the photo became hysterical…”that’s the best picture of us yet!” ” I can’t see my hair!” ” I particularly like the lighting in this photo..it is very flattering!” “we do look amazing!” Finally, we took a photo that actually recognised us as people, although I was squashed by a heavy lump and the man sitting on me thought we were lumpy cushions..it didn’t stop him from sitting on us mind!

party photo

In the middle of the night a very kind friend returned my son from the Cabaret that they had being doing in London at a high security army barracks. It was very successful and the party holder was apparently extremely happy with their performance.


abba 15

They were all given a momento to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo which is why singing Abba songs along with traditional patriotic ones was so apt!

waterloo 3

waterloo 4

Whilst the Cabaret didn’t finish in the middle of the night, the older performers and some parents all went to a party afterwards, which meant they came home very, very late!. Why is that drunk teenagers can’t do quiet? I was woken for the second night running at 4am by loud banging of doors, heavy footsteps, toilet flushing, taps running and no consideration at all for anyone sleeping with the door ajar.

It’s Fathers Day, so Happy Fathers Day to all dads and granddads out there and especially to my dad who is one of the best.

fathers day

July 6, 2015

Saturday 20th June Prom Chauffer & The Street Snoop!

Morning…last night I was the Prom Chauffer for my son and his girlfriend. He looked very smart and she looked elegant… some thought they even looked like movie stars! Her dress although second hand, was fantastic and being a very pretty girl with a gorgeous figure she looked stunning in it…If my face and figure had worn the same dress, the look would have been a very different one!

jack and Maisie prom

jack and maisie prom 1

Prom chauffer journey number one was to the pre party at someone’s house, drinking around a swimming pool. Chauffer journey number two was to pick them up from the hotel venue at almost midnight and take one friend to his house to pick up a change of clothes and then bring them all back to our house where they were changing before going clubbing until the early hours. By this time it was close to 12.30am, long past my bedtime but thankfully they had a friend who was driving them to the club where apparently drinks were £2.50, which was very appealing to them, not quite so to me! They drank coffee to get them lively for the next part of the evening. I drank cocoa, put my pyjamas on, safe in the knowledge that my driving was done and my body and head were ready for at least eight hours sleep!

This morning Prom Chauffer is having a well earned lie in. She has to prepare herself for being a Cabaret chauffer later and then partying tonight! It all has to happen when my husband is away and I’m the only driver in the house.

Between Chauffer journey number one and two last night I did finally make it back to my dance class, the first time since the show back in May.My knees were in for a shock and I wasn’t anticipating fingers as well as the usual feet causing me problems. Worryingly I can’t do what another teacher does with reception children as pre writing exercises! I’m going to have to practise hard for the next two years.

I have just caught someone snooping over our fence! Not sure what gossip he thinks he will spot, as our street is quite respectable, but using his look out as a toilet is well out of order. Typical male, not sure he was listening when I tried telling him!

snooping rabbit


July 5, 2015

Monday 15th- Friday 19th June A Dodgy Tummy & A Husband’s Gift!

Morning…I have a report writing day and unfortunately a very dodgy tummy, so just as well I’m near my own bathroom…thought to begin with it was because my delicate tummy was reacting to too much fun on Saturday at the college reunion, but after last night I’m not too sure!

It’s Tuesday and dodgy tummy’s are rife at work, so what a relief to know it wasn’t down to alcohol! Delicate tummy now seems to be recovering, tired feet are aching, co fuddled brain is struggling and hot body straining…I must need what is recently missing in my life…alcohol in the sunshine!


It’s Wednesday and although it is the morning I’m wishing it was evening as dodgy tummy was not happy about the ONE glass of bubbly I had, so up all night visiting the bathroom. I also kept tossing and turning which did not help my back. Neither did being close and personal with the smell of Bombay Gin!

bombay gin

He is off to Menorca for a few days filming, so my washing machine sounding tummy and I will have the bed to party in alone. Lets hope those few days will be long enough for it to recover.

It’s Thursday. My husband is not the most domesticated of men but leaving a stack of shorts that don’t fit as ornaments on the bedroom window sill and a pile of discarded clothes scattered around the bedroom was a lovely farewell gift!…who knows which are clean or dirty? Hope he is having fun in the sun whilst I sort, sniff and inspect his clothes!

clothes pile

Friend-OMG sniff?!! you are a brave woman

Me…Indeed…I married my husband!

My replacement sleeping partner is also having fun in the sun…I’m doing something very wrong!

Bailey fun in the sun

It’s Friday. Loving that the sun is shining but wishing it didn’t make my eyes weep. Loving the warm evening and open windows but wishing my body would stay asleep. Loving that it is Friday but wishing I didn’t have reports and a  Prom narration to finish. loving that the bedroom is now so so tidy, but wishing my husband would come back a new man!

Friend- which man would you like him to return?

Me-If only I had a choice, but tidy would be nice!

Friend- A hu..man!

Friday yes!

Last year when my husband went away a special delivery arrived…a new, expensive hose that didn’t kink especially for me apparently…you know you have been married decades when you get that sort of present! Lets hope this year my gift is rather more special.



July 4, 2015

Friday 12th- Sunday 14th June It’s All About The Green

Morning…thank you for my birthday wishes, cards and presents yesterday…very glad today is Friday after the week I’ve had! Today I will be shouting for GREEN team and hoping it doesn’t rain as it is Sports Day postponed from yesterday, when it was of course sunny. I will then have a possible photo opportunity, when my winning Gig On The Green tickets get handed over, postponed from Wednesday…the big ‘O’ have got a lot to answer for! I’m not sure me in some old trackies and a green t-shirt will look good on the front of the paper or on social media, so need to think carefully about my winning wardrobe as have little time to change!

It’s Saturday. Yesterday it rained, we all got wet, hair got frizzy, a Hamma Bead heart present given to me by a child which I stuck on as a brooch collapsed when soggy, but the races managed to go ahead when the sun came out. Whilst not competitive at all, it was indeed, as the Wedding Singer song goes ‘All About The Green’ who won!

its all about the green 1

Frizzy hair was then tamed for an appearance at Romans estate agent to have my winning Gig On The Green tickets presented inside the shop. We were going to have an outside photo call but would have needed umbrellas, as it was raining again a bit like the GOTG last year…hopefully this year the weather will be kinder! My winning wardrobe ended up being my recently bought black jazz pants,(smarter than my old tatty trackies) with the not so winning converse style shoes (thought my recently purchased silver dance shoes to go with jazz pants would be a bit OTT and not great for running!) but I put a mint green flowery shirt over the top of the green t-shirt to look a little more respectable and less sporty! Husband took one look a the photo and I said I looked like an ageing rock chick…thanks.

gig on the green tickets

Today it is back to college for a reunion.

It’s Sunday. College reunion was so much fun. we ate, we drank and we wandered the ever changing grounds and reminisced. These days it is not about the green, as it is rapidly disappearing and a lot of buildings and parking in its place. We could still find the lake, some wildlife and trees, but the huge green football fields and lawns have sadly long gone.

college reunion

college 7

college 8

college 6

college reunion 3

college 12

college 13

college 11

We caught up with some people we hadn’t seen since we left.

college reunion 2 jpg

We failed to find the bar as there was a wedding going on and it was shut, so we took ourselves into Richmond for a drink and a meal at The Cricketers pub. Unfortunately they had some supply chefs on who didn’t seem to know the difference between fish and chicken, so some meals had to be served several times! The lady in charge was apologetic and it didn’t spoil a lovely day.

college 5

the cricketers

Today I am off to my parents to celebrate my mum’s birthday.

July 1, 2015

Wednesday 10th- Thursday 11th June An Ofsted Birthday!

Evening…no sleep last night and Escape To The Country didn’t work it’s magic, so wine and a bath is required this evening to try and knock my body and over thinking brain out! I was in work at 7am this morning, after a quick shop at the 24 hour Tesco. It is what you do when your beach role play needs some swim wear, the children haven’t brought any in and Ofsted decide to call! After purchasing two value swimsuits and trunks I raced to work to get ultra organised for the day. Today was manic and very stressful but then that is what Ofsted does to teachers and schools. My husband found two posters that he thought would be reassuring..


ofsted 1

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ve shared this news with everyone, as I can’t believe I have the big ‘O’ presence as a gift!

It’s Thursday and I might as well write a morning post as I’m awake with the birds and the school won’t yet be open! Today I will be looking ten years older after no sleep and a visit from the big ‘O’. I will sadly have no birthday wishes from my family, as there is no chance of them being awake before I go and I will probably be tucked up in bed by 8pm as I have a headache already and both body and head hurt! My brain which is already really struggling and working at its maximum hurt so much that I called a child WATERTRAY on a list for another teacher…

photo 5 (17)

he was blue and a bit drippy…I will be grey and passed out by tonight! This brain strain is obviously catching, because the teacher who initially laughed at my mistake proceeded to write two children’s names as ‘frog’ and ‘shell’ when in fact they were the words the children were supposed to be learning to blend!

We had croissants for breakfast in the garden, as we were so organised, Ofsted came and went and we finished the day with a glass of Prosecco in the staff room. As it was my birthday I was then seen walking out of the school building with a half filled uncorked bottle, which hopefully didn’t go noticed. I arrived home and my husband had bought me flowers and more Prosecco to celebrate.

Whilst I complained about the lack of birthday greetings from my family I must remember my birthday last year where 1/3 were awake enough to sing happy Birthday with feeling..

birthday last year!

as you can see it is not convincing!