December 28, 2014

Thursday 11th December It’s A Shame

Morning…A lovely Christmas meal last night with all the parents from dancing and lots of laughs to be had!

me and lisa

It was a shame that I found a long hair in my mushroom starter cheese sauce that made me feel quite ill and put me off the rest of my food. It was shame that some had to leave early because apparently they had “things to do” because that made me feel guilty…I was there until the end and had nothing to do worth leaving early for! When asked what she had to do she answered with “paperwork” which the ladies I was sitting with interpreted as something else entirely…a shame that some have the time and energy for paperwork..I haven’t and am very envious! It’s a shame that I couldn’t finish off the bottle of wine I bought but I was trying to be sensible with my dodgy tummy which is why my bag home was filled with wine, water and Gaviscon, all of life’s essentials!


It’s a shame that two Jaffa cakes and Gaviscon did not sort my tummy pains out in the middle of the night. Which has left me with an unhappy Thursday!

Jaffa cakes