December 28, 2014

Friday 12th December Tummy Pains

Morning…Been in dreadful pain with my tummy all night so hardly slept. Thought at one point I might need to go to hospital so going to the Dr this morning. Hoping builders and drills are sensitive to my needs.


Outcome of visit to Dr is that I have been given stomach lining tablets which I should have been taking with Naproxen, the tablets I take for my bad back. I have also been given different pain killers for my back and told to try and give my tummy a rest from Naproxen for a while. Really I just need a less stressful life, no back pain and perhaps I won’t eat asparagus for a while along with the cheesy mushroom sauce as had it last night for the first time in a while and have since read it can be bad for those suffering from IBS or acid reflux husband is gutted as he loves it!