December 28, 2014

Monday 15th December Dressing Gown Mishap!

Morning…Never has a cup of tea tasted better and been more needed to get me going, one more week! Eldest son has finished college, youngest son and girlfriend off to Winter Wonderland, husband and Winston the rabbit keeping out of way of builders and I have a busy day in the world of small children. Might write some Christmas cards later, this years are classy!

photo 2 (16)

Time hop helped me recall last years Christmas shopping faux pas..I ask husband to try on a dressing gown my mum and dad are giving him for Christmas.”OOO it’s a bit short!” comes the cry from upstairs. He appears at the top of the stairs in a powder blue shortie the one I had bought for myself! Never has he been allowed to forget it and never have I forgotten the sight!

photo 1 (20)

Watched Morecambe and Wise this evening..still laugh out loud and seen the Andre Previn sketch so many times. Timeless humour with no smut or swearing required..gosh I must be getting old, I am sounding like my mother.

Morecambe and wise