December 28, 2014

Tuesday 16th December 24 Years Of Wedded Strife!

Morning…Yesterday what a day! Classy Christmas cards finally written, too many unhealthy toffee muffins eaten and healthy fruit left uneaten, chauffeuring late at night to and from station looking for son’s lost Christmas present bought for girlfriend but sadly not found and trying to design a kitchen that has nothing vaguely Christmassy about it on a computer!

photo (74)

Today I switch on the bedroom light and husband says “ugh”. “Sorry? ” I reply. His answer  “Oh I was having a conversation”…yes but sadly it was in his dreams and not with me..that’s what happens after 24 years of marriage!  When I’m lucky enough to get some conversation out of him it goes like this ” I am going to get a tattoo!” “Really” I reply, thinking mid life crisis. “Yes, I was going to get FI on one bum cheek and NA on the other so it says FIONA when I bend over !…24 YEARS I have had to put up with this! I should have known that life would never be dull when he got himself manacled naked to the zebra crossing on his stag night and buses stopped because they thought he wanted to cross..I was mortified, he was amused!