December 28, 2014

Friday 19th December Good News And Bad News

Morning…The bad news is that I have ear ache and my tummy is giving me gyp again and I was awake at 4 am thinking about my specially made big knickers!

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The good news is my eldest son has a job in a local pub and the lost present was found on the train! It is Friday and last day of school and I get a double dose of panto..oh yes I do!

beauty stage

The bad news is that as I went downstairs to turn on dodgy light it tripped switch in the fuse box and I was plunged into total darkness. I couldn’t see to get it back on or reach the box without doing myself a mishap and the only torch I could find was a tiny handbag one. Finally reach fuse box to find it makes no difference. Breakfast made under the light of minuscule torchlight whilst men who could help my situation slept on!

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The good news is that all children yesterday completed their mini Christmas cakes to take home to their parents and made a melting snowman biscuit each. The bad news is I didn’t make one for myself.

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