December 28, 2014

Saturday 20th December Cinderfella

Morning…School panto was a blast.

photo 4 (8)

I did have a bit of trouble remembering it was Cinderfella instead of Cinderella. I did have a bit of trouble getting my big knickers off on stage, as they got caught up in my petticoat and trying to fight through that and a kimono was a bit tricky. I also had a bit of trouble with my bucket toilet coming off stage too soon so had to make sure it returned in time so that I could open the lid and throw a designer shoe down it and flush, using the realistic multilink chain!

photo 1 (17)

I had little trouble in being horrible and making it up as I went along and no one had any trouble at all singing “Let It Go” with gusto which with all kids and staff joining in provided a great last day atmosphere and even caused some members of staff to wipe a tear away!


My Secret Santa present was a very well chosen gift for a teacher who has to do playground duty and ┬áis referred to as ‘Wise Owl’- a Take Out cup with an owl on it. I was even given a Wise Thoughts Notebook so just need to wait for the thoughts to happen to write in it!

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It’s Saturday so my turn for the panto drop off. There is nothing for it but to go for another Christmas shopping trip to Windsor with tea, a light lunch and a look at The Crooked House.

crooked houseesquire coffee cropped