September 27, 2014

Wednesday 13th August

Morning… a great pub evening. Apologies to new member Mary who on meeting in the toilets I managed to spray a torrent of water over. I did not appreciate that using the drier over the sink of water where she was washing her hands would have such a devastating effect! Apologies to Chloe for my husbands generous drink offerings, I hope as you fell out of the pub you didn’t curse him! Apologies to the landlord for being the last to leave but it was me who had to drive my husband and partner in crime home, stop when they were both caught short and when I asked for my driving glasses I was given sunglasses to wear…it was midnight for heaven’s sake!



Hopefully their memories are so hazy they won’t remember that with the roads empty I drove the car up to some road traffic lights, waited for 5 minutes behind a queue of traffic only to find they were the work vans parked at the side of the road and I was parked up with them. An eventful evening.