September 27, 2014

Friday 15th August

Morning…Awake so early but watching Escape to the Country managed to switch brain off for an extra 2 hours which I am grateful for! Son bought husband¬†a new alarm clock in Cyprus, classy but unusual and possibly says a lot about them both…a candle you stick up your bottom…from the noises I’m hearing last night it’s possibly been in use! have yet to see the willy bottle stop in our fridge…thank the Lord! My presents were far more refined and hopefully says a lot about me…a sponge and handmade soap especially for stress…hope he’s not expecting to cause any.


Friend 1- was this the image I wanted to picture at breakfast time? Has the alarm been successful LOL

Me- Good for dieting…and he’s up!

Friend 1-oh you make me smile

Me- worry ye not…alarm yet to be used

photo (33)

Friend 2- Do you light the candle before or after use?

Me-now there’s a question…the very thought of either is quite off putting but as I said before useful for weight loss.