September 27, 2014

Saturday 16th August

Morning…disturbed night and woken at unearthly hour by son entering en suite power shower… presumably to render him conscious. He’s off to do a day’s work for a mate as a tiler…my brain only thought of one type, so last night I was happily imagining him in a kitchen piecing tiles together making pretty pictures and being naturally creative. Today I find  he thinks it’s to do with roofs…not so happy imagining him up high piecing slate tiles together and falling which happens when you are naturally uncoordinated. Husband’s alternative suggestion, a hair sTILER would have been less stressful although unlikely.

A need to go holiday shopping required Winston the rabbit to be caught. After 10 minutes of unsuccessfully chasing him round the garden I decided to use a t-shirt off the line to throw over him. Alas another serious fail, so ran round with the washing basket looking like a nutty animal version of the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang until he escaped into a corner of the overly packed shed and I gave up exhausted and on the verge of being committed both by husband and nosey neighbours.

photo (9)

Son home and safe after a day fitting insulating tiles inside the roof.