January 23, 2015

Monday 19th January Never get In a Car With A stranger!

Morning…A slow start to my morning and taking twice as long to do anything thanks to a back and legs that at the moment move at the pace of a snail. Sadly my life is rather dull as I seem to be able to do very little and am worried that I if I do too much I will take a step back on the road to moving freely and without pain.

This weeks book at school is “How To Catch A Star”. For those not familiar with the story it is not a book on how to wed someone famous or a dating self help book. It is a story about a boy who loved stars so much he wants to catch one to be his friend.

how to catch a falling star

Today the children had great fun fishing for stars in water and shaving gel and making a fine old mess in the trays, on their clothes and all over the floor, much to the school cleaners delight! The fact that there was a tray of flour on the table opposite (supposedly for mark making), meant that the children being superb at┬ábeing creative and noticing, spotted a great opportunity to spread it everywhere which they did…all over the floor, all over the table, all over their clothes and all in the blue water. It was no longer clear blue water but a disgusting gloopy texture that my hands certainly wouldn’t go near. They also did some adding of silver and gold stars with a partner and learnt to say a number sentence and I was pleasantly surprised!

water and sand tray

After school I went to pick up my son from the train station and was early so sat waiting in the car. Unbelievably when my son got in the car he threw his bag on the back seat and said “I can’t believe I’ve just got in the wrong car” I asked him what he meant and he said “Look that car is just like yours and as it was dark it looked the same colour, so I opened the door and threw my bag on the back seat!” It was only after throwing it in the car and about to get in, that the face of a complete stranger turned round. Son gave a quick apology, picked up his bag hurriedly, shut the door and walked away mortified! A lesson to learn at aged 22..never get in a car with a stranger!

car dan got in