January 23, 2015

Tuesday 20th January I’m A Superstar because…

Morning…it’s freezing, chilly, shivering, icy cold and I’m struggling to move for that reason and never mind my back. Yesterday I managed to put on both socks without the need of a litter picker or husband or are they both the same thing? It’s called progress! I arrived at work to find the ground frosty but the sunrise inviting.

photo 3 (21)

Today each of the class appeared on TV in that well known programme, ‘Superstars’ The TV wasn’t a high tech Sharp, Samsung or Panasonic but a cardboard painted version with stars beautifully decorated on it, by my student, who is far more creative than me! Each of the class had to put their head inside the box and say “I’m a Superstar because…” and give various reasons why.

photo 2 (38)

When I got home I asked my husband why he thinks he is a superstar and he said “I’m a Superstar because of my reputation and my phenomenal ability to do everything brilliantly!”. Modest as always. I asked my son why he thinks he is a superstar and he said “I’m a Superstar because I always do things when asked, I’m hard working and never eat your chocolates!”…this was following a day of doing very little, an evening of me asking him do things continuously and it followed with him helping himself to ┬áthe last of my Christmas gift After Eight mints, of which I’d eaten one.

photo 1 (45)

“I am indeed a Superstar because I put up with the lot of them!”