January 25, 2015

Wednesday 21st January Two Socks

Morning…the people around me are snoring, the house around me continues to be icy cold and the toilet, a small room with a warm radiator is suddenly appealing to spend a lot of time in! My name after my success in dressing yesterday is no longer Wise Owl but Two Socks, which unfortunately doesn’t conjure up a picture of smartness and status. The cat wasn’t in a hurry to get moving this morning. I caught him relaxing on the landing trying to look like a furry rug and reminding me of the stance of Puss in Boots without the clothes and hat.

photo 1 (44)

I arrived at work in a tracksuit all ready for a hardly moving version of PE to find I had forgotten about a morning of subject planning, so it switched to a morning of non moving paperwork in a warm office…very convenient. My afternoon involved handwriting and the letter ‘b’, an unfortunate spelling of the word ‘bun’ was my highlight.

Found myself promptly waiting at the station for 15 minutes, as per son’s instruction. He needed to be taken to his five a-side football match which had just started. Picked him up, raced back to the place I’d just left, (my school is on the same site as a Sports Centre), dropped him off and as I go to drive off he runs in front of my thankfully slow moving car..football obviously clouded the Stop, Look and Listen skills he learnt as a child and he was lucky the sight of his pink fluorescent socks didn’t cloud my ability to react quickly.

Arrive home to more chaos and find that no one has thought about food. Pop to my local Waitrose to buy some ready meals, as kitchen a travesty to work in and as I get to to the tills my back starts to shout warnings at me…nothing much you can do mid task. A complimentary cup of tea helps me on my way and I arrive home to find I can’t move again. My evening is spent doing very little, sitting amongst the chaos and drinking tea that didn’t need me to boil a kettle for which I’m grateful.

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