January 25, 2015

Thursday 22nd January Cheese Straw Stars

Morning…whose bright idea was it to do an extension in the Winter? Even making a cup of tea is a challenge..the tea bags are in the lounge, the cups under the stairs, the kettle keeps being moved and the water is apparently being switched off in the next few days…hopefully not for long!

The children in my class have cooking on a Thursday and today made Space Cheese Straw Stars…try saying that in a hurry! I tried and failed so gave it to the children as a tongue twister challenge ” Cheese Straw Stars, cheese straw stars…we tried saying it slowly, we tried saying it quickly and worryingly each time, I sounded like I’d had a drink when completely sober! At the end of the day questions kept flowing through my mind…Why does the Food Technology room need to be next to my classroom? Why am I taunted with delicious smells wafting through the doors? Why have I got no self will when it comes to food I like? Why did the children have to make too many Cheese Straw Stars? Why were they so delicious that I had eat THREE? Why am I such a hopeless cause when it comes to dieting? As a teacher I know what I must do ..’I must try harder’!

photo 2 (39)

In the Mark Making Area the children had black paper stuck to the tables. (on top and underneath)They were given chalk so that they could draw stars, sun, moon and planets on them. Their creations had hands, feet and smiley faces, so space to them is obviously very human like or they decided to just draw what they wanted.

photo 3 (22)

After work I had my first Reflexology for a while..it’s usually the feet they work on, but when my reflexologist worked on the area linked to my back it went into spasm so she had to work on my hands for that area instead. I was told to go home and rest but unfortunately my son and his girlfriend needed to go to dancing as I didn’t take them on Monday.

We travelled very close to…..


I got home to find the extension has more light, a window had been installed…the window that they had originally forgotten to leave a gap for!