January 25, 2015

Friday 23rd January Crunchy Ring

Morning…have I mentioned my house is chilly recently? My cup of tea is cooling far too quickly, my car needs de frosting, my body need warming up but our fridge not quite so essential. It’s Friday and I’m wondering why Winston the rabbit gets a hot water bottle, warmed precisely to 6 minutes and I just have a woolly extra blanket! I’m sure the outside temperature is almost the same as inside my house.

Our Space theme continued at school and the children were introduced to repeating patterns. A tower of multilink of every colour under the sun is a pattern but not repeating and Red, blue, red, blue, red,blue red….BLACK is NOT a repeating pattern. Practise was required so we moved on to potato cut outs of stars and moons and the children had to make a space repeating print pattern…the crescent moon looked more like a boomerang or hockey stick, the star more like a dancing alien or flower and the full moon a blob, but repeating patterns happened so learning objective successful!

photo 2 (40)

Some children cut out stars for the salt wash pictures they made earlier in the week,so we now have a collection of Space/Sky pictures for a classroom display.

photo 3 (24)

At Playtime the Reception team all had a cup of tea and as it was Friday a box of biscuits was brought from the cupboard, a gift to the team at Christmas. The Biscuits were a lovely chocolate selection and after helping ourselves to random biscuit number one, we realised the description list was on the bottom of the box. Raspberry Rapture caused my colleague to go into a rapture of how delicious and raspberryish it was, (not a word but who cares) orange crunch wasn’t popular with many as a flavoured biscuit, but my announcement that I was going to eat a ‘Crunchy Ring’ caused smutty hilarity..who names these biscuits? One colleague was still laughing when we returned to the classroom and said “Oh I keep thinking of you and your crispy ring”..NOOOO..that sounded worse and she realised it, so more embarrassed laughter! The biscuits still caused much mirth as the day went on and we got to the point where we couldn’t remember if it was a crispy or crunchy ring or hole! I blame it on being Friday and the need for some light relief..Chocolate and laughter, the answer to a long week.

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Got home to find more of my kitchen in the hall and lounge, the sink and units have been removed, some pipes have been installed and with my bad back I have to clamber over boxes to get in my house.

photo 1 (47)

photo 2 (41)

I didn’t make my dancing and pizzas were called in…bad back and no kitchen has got a lot to answer for!