January 25, 2015

Saturday 24th January A Hand Bag Man Bag!

Morning…8 am and bang goes my long lie in! Plumbers arrived at 7.30 am on a Saturday morning, so I’m wide awake to the sound of disco music, loud chatting, clanging and banging. Not sure whether to be impressed that they are hardworking and dedicated or frustrated at their early start madness. They are putting in the plumbing for our new radiators and need to drain every radiator in every room…had to warn teenage sons so that they were awake before plumbers gave them a mid morning surprise! I also thought it wise to ensure floor space was absent of underwear and anything unsavoury!

Today I will attempt to take my body to London to have a catch up with old college friends. I am taking my shooting stick that I have had for years, as bent down to pick up a pen on my bedroom floor and couldn’t get back up without the help of husband.

shooting stick

Shooting stick is sadly very loud as the rubber has come off the ends so my presence is heard before being seen…’clonk, clonk, clonk’…husband not impressed as I’m noisy and conspicuous! The train journey to London was spent with me seeing various names for my place game so today I went to….



And then I went to…




It was a long journey with not a lot to do!

When we arrived at the station I bought some heat pads from Boots and because I had a plastic bag, stick and handbag my husband was encouraged by friends to carry my handbag. It was particularly heavy after he thoughtfully added his Ipad to it! Husband has talked about getting a man bag in the past but when I suggested getting him one for Christmas he was very clear about having some input and taking time to choose. Today as he carried my bag, he made a big point of walking around shouting loudly “Fiona, I’m carrying your handbag here”. Crossing the street he shouted back “It’s alright I’ve got your handbag!”…not sure if he was trying to make sure everyone knew he was a dutiful husband or if he wasn’t fully comfortable carrying a large handbag, so maybe he’s not ready to join the man bag generation!

handbag carrying

It was pointed out that he was lucky it wasn’t pink, purple or sparkly but then a friends husband tried to help give the handbag look a new image which husband seemed to embrace, so maybe after all it is a purchase for the future!

handbag carrying 2