January 26, 2015

Sunday 25th January Loose Women

Morning…a great day yesterday spent sitting, eating, drinking and chatting, all things I’m quite good at. We started off at Zizi’s near Victoria Station where I consumed garlic bread with Mozzarella,a chicken pasta dish and a lemon sundae that had humongous calories, which I chose to ignore. More painkillers were required but although my handbag is similar to Mary Poppins in size, I didn’t have a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Instead I chose a couple of large glasses of wine which did the trick just as well!

photo 1 (48)

photo 2 (42)

We then moved on to The Windsor Castle pub tucked behind Westminster Abbey. The sofa’s were comfy, the pub relatively quiet, but the hot drinks sub standard. Three teas were sent back as they didn’t taste of tea, (how is this possible?) a coffee was tried and discarded as ‘not nice’ and they didn’t have hot chocolate. The only answer was more alcohol…I stuck to the wine but some substituted a hot chocolate for a Chocolate Stout, which I tasted and it was surprisingly delicious!

photo 3 (25)

I shared my children’s stories, we sent a Get well Video to a friend in hospital, made lots of noise, took lots of photos and had more chat and laughs to pass the time of day away. Apparently I’d make a good Loose Woman…an observation about the lunchtime TV programme not my character! By the end my husband was dropping off in a chair and my back was a bit stiff…a sign that it was time to go. Walking back to the station my friend asks “Do you stiffen up at night?”…not a wise question to ask when my husband is walking alongside and has had a few drinks…she soon regretted asking.

On the way back we saw…