January 28, 2015

Monday 26th January Investigating Polly Pockets

Morning…not the best night’s sleep. Just nodding off when I hear a voice saying loudly “Can I help you?”…being quiet would be good, but husband had pressed Siri on his Ipad…don’t know who she is but she talks when you don’t want her to which is a pain in the backside at gone 11.30 pm at night. I was going to do the early morning station run so up bright and early, although it was dark and I was feeling anything but bright. Unfortunately son had a headache and I’m now thinking that I might also, particularly after my early start. Sadly, there’s no toilet roll in the downstairs toilet, no tea bags in the tea bag pot and I’m lucky I can find water, life’s other essential…I must stop moaning but it’s Monday and I’ve another week of mess and mayhem.

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This weeks space book is…

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In the Investigation area this week we had an ingenious activity, not invented by ourselves but trialed for the first time in our classrooms. It was Polly Pockets filled with liquid paint and stuck to the table so that the children could investigate making shapes, numbers, letters and other finger patterns..it’s a bit like a make your own cheap version of Etch a Sketch, except Etch a Sketch is more sturdy, not so colourful and less messy! The activity was going so well and passing adults were exploring as well as children, until one child appeared with blue paint all over his face. We had to do some investigating and found he’d investigated in ways we hadn’t contemplated, by making a hole in the pocket. The paint leaked out which he then chose to smear around his face in a random, Red Indian style of facepaint!

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I return home to another ready meal and another journey up the M3 with my son and his girlfriend. Whilst they danced I popped into Tesco for toilet rolls, tea bags and water..all life’s essentials.

At the weekend I passed…