January 29, 2015

Tuesday 27th January Brown , Hot and Noisy.

Afternoon…so the internet didn’t work this morning and my already topsy turvy routine went even more haywire! Son still not well, so even though my alarm went off at 6.20 am thinking I was doing the early morning station run, I had a bit of a lie in which at the moment is just as well, as with a bad back, no heating and a messy house my body is needing a very slow arise!

Arrived at work and as we were chatting there was a familiar strange noise. We had heard it before and thought it was someone’s unfortunate stomach or even worse an uncontrollable wind problem! The caretaker who deals with funny noises in the building,(not me talking to myself, I might add!) was sent to investigate the toilets and came out saying it was brown, hot and noisy. Not a pleasant description and even worse when it is the water system he’s talking about..the system is old and the pipes rusty so the water comes out brown, the temperature gauge was overheating so needed a plumber and the pipes were making a rumbling sound so probably need replacing, but that’s not going to happen. The children were told they couldn’t use the sinks in the toilets to wash their hands, until Mr or Mrs (and a Mrs it happened to be! ) Plumber had visited.

The space theme continues in Reception with some earth and moon addition and porridge oats space role play.

photo 4 (16)

One of our regular helpers asked if she could provide anything to help with a class assembly. “Have you got a rocket blaster you can bring in?” was the lighthearted request and she replied “Oh yes and I stick it up my husband quite often!”..yep, must get in my order..I need three of those!

Phonics was ‘ng’ and anyone who knows anything about jolly Phonics will know you need to pretend to be a strongman.


Words with little children can so easily be interpreted the wrong way. When a colleague got a child to sound out the word ‘ring’, a great ‘ng’ word she followed it up with asking ” can you all show me your rings?..quite innocent to some, but not to others! As all the children held up their hands to show off their rings she followed it up by asking..”have you polished it?”..after which, there was a collapse of giggling from the other staff and it’s only Tuesday!

If I haven’t been cold enough I returned home to find we had an evening of no heating..thank goodness I’m going out!

Today I’m going very near..