January 31, 2015

Wednesday 28th January House Like The Arctic!

Morning.. I know I’ve moaned about the cold but I didn’t know what I was talking about until last night! My house was without ANY heating or hot water as plumbers moved the boiler to find a hidden crack in the flue. It was fitted by some cowboy builders a couple of years ago, when we were desperate and times were hard. The fact that it has been like that and we didn’t know is a worry, but now its getting sorted its probably not worth worrying about, so actual worrying lasted all of 60 seconds!

photo 2 (44)

Plumber did try to find a replacement flue but failed and had to put it on order, so hoping it will arrive today. Fortunately we have an immersion heater we can use for hot water but unfortunately we haven’t got the huge bank balance at the moment needed to pay for it! Other downside was the need to wake up bright and early to turn it on in order to give it enough time to heat the water for everyone to have a shower. Then was the need to rush back to bed dressed for the Arctic, so that I could get warm again! I was soooo cold when I got into bed last night that I asked my son to get me out a pair of bed socks. Common sense is not always his forte so when I said I thought they were in the second drawer he said he couldn’t find them so I’d have to make do with these and handed me a pair of TIGHTS, just what you need to put over your PJ’s…bed socks were found in the third drawer but I had to do the finding, not him.

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We had a great Fiddler On The Roof rehearsal last night and although my movement was limited my wailing Grandma voice wasn’t..in fact it was all over the place as I wasn’t sure what I was singing! My husband who is playing Tevye was giving the chorus instructions and as one who often enjoys the limelight he jokingly said..”and then a big spotlight will end up on me.” Our quick witted choreographer in her eighties retorted “It would need to be very BIG!”…my husband who is not svelte and slim had the smile briefly wiped from his face!

At school today our story of the week links continued. We had the ropes out in P.E and my student had a phonic clue hunt in the grounds to search for tools to mend the rocket she had made out of boxes, which the children loved.They then played a version of how many elephants can you fit in a mini or a lift with how many children can you squeeze in a box!

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I purchased a ‘Wise Words’ owl notebook at school from a visiting Book Club..I’m hoping for inspiration.

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Got home to find we had heat, but fridge had disappeared so couldn’t find milk.

Husband- seek out the space formerly known as “the dining room.” Only there shall ye find the juice of multiple cows and other chilled comestibles.

It’s like living with Shakespeare!