February 14, 2015

Saturday 7th February This Is The Moment!

Morning…Last night my bad back made it to dancing…body not yet up to spotty dog jumps which might jar it, so I’m doing free style with a zimmer frame in The Wedding Singer section. It takes a lot of skill and practice to shuffle on, boogie a bit and then shake it about..the frame, not parts of my body, but I did have my little moment! Lulu, the toilet roll holder hat will be getting another big moment and another show outing…


When I asked if I needed to wear a wig as well as the role of Grandma, some cheeky wotsit said “no, you’ve got enough grey there already!”.. a sign that I need to do my roots before husband tells me that cars will stop if I bend over, or my hair looks like a badger! What it is to be surrounded by charming men.

My extension is coming along and the kitchen has a new window, which will allow me to be nosy and neighbours to see me and hopefully, the men in my life, wash up..apparently it is the done thing…yep, to have men wash up and a window above the sink!

photo 2 (55)

Also looking forward to seeing the bi-fold doors in daylight. Although that moment also allowed me to see the building site that is my garden, not something to look forward to!

photo 1 (58)photo 3 (34)

My husband isn’t often speechless and embarrassed but it happened today. He was in the little boys room when the phone rang and son answered it. We have obviously failed in teaching the art of tact and diplomacy as son said, to the person on the other end of the phone ( in very charming manner mind)  “No, I’m sorry he can’t come to the phone right now, he is in the toilet!” I was standing next to him and husband also heard and we both shouted “don’t say that!”. He came off the phone unable to say who it was that he had spoken to.. Luckily, it wasn’t the bank manager or a customer but someone husband could laugh it off with! It was a moment husband wont forget, a moment that hopefully son wont ever repeat after his telling off and a moment I laughed at! A year ago my son sung ‘This Is The Moment’ at a cabaret, which is a personal favourite, so I decided to share. The camera work isn’t great but the singing makes up for it!