February 16, 2015

Sunday 8th February Heat Pad De-fluffer!

Morning…Hoping I make the Young Set dance rehearsal today..need to find the location first which is always a challenge when it is a new venue.

Used one of my back, heat pads yesterday and for some reason I failed to put used pad in the bin and found it on my bedroom floor instead. Well, it was like a light bulb moment..I saw the sticky side face up with bits on it and looked at my floor with bits of fluff on the floor and the next thing I knew I was on all fours using the heat pad as a de-fluffer..a very successful exercise..apart from the bit that I appear to have missed in the photo!

photo 2 (56)

At the moment I’m wishing my life was a bit more sorted and less stressful, but rehearsal was looking not bad with a couple of months to go before the show. I spent the afternoon being entertained by talented children and young adults of all ages and enjoyed a bit of a sing song myself…limbering up my vocal chords always gives me a well needed pick me up!

On the return journey we went via Marks and Spencer’s to buy one of their ready cooked hot chickens for our Sunday roast. They are on the expensive side at £5.99 but when you have no kitchen and your body needs hot and quickly prepared food, you don’t care, so we bought a  whole chicken and a half, just in case! Son then spotted some stuffed mushrooms he liked the fancy of, so our Sunday meal was three courses, courtesy of M and S.

photo 1 (59)

Our rehearsal venue was…