February 17, 2015

Monday 9th February A Pants Day!

Morning…One more week to survive! My house isn’t as cold as it once was…not sure if it is the bi-fold doors, a raise of temperature outside or my menopausal state kicking back into action…for the first time in a while I didn’t need my woolly blanket and duvet at night!

I like the Timehop App for reminding me of funny things that happen. Today it reminded me of a visit to Waitrose a year ago when both my husband and I needed to worry! One of my class came running up to me and spotting my husband asked “Is that your dad?” Husband walked off contemplating buying youthful moisturiser whilst I laughed so much I had to rummage around in my handbag for a tissue! I pulled one out without paying much attention and was about to blow my nose into it, when I realised it was a GREEN TEABAG! (and before you think this is a strange thing to carry around, I often carry them around when my voice is croaky, after losing my voice for five months, four years ago..my biggest worry when getting a cold!)
green tea bag
This week is a short week with children, but the story of the week is..
photo 3 (35)
We had a quick circle time on what the children did at the weekend to start our day. Small children’s discussion makes you smile and they often get caught out with what they are saying. When one child said “We went to Lego land at the weekend”…it was pointed out that it was closed as off season! Another child who we knew had actually been, but only to collect his seasonal pass, said he had been there and the children then had a discussion about where it was…”Yes, it is just down the M3″ and another replied “oh, I thought it was down the M62!”.. love the conversation of 4 year olds who haven’t a clue which motorway is in the North or South of the country, but know they go somewhere!
Having done a lot about Aliens we moved on to the theme of pants! We thought we might please parents by getting our children used to hand washing by putting a few pants and some washing liquid in the water trays..one child gave us a little bit more information than required and said “my dad has poo in his pants” and proceeded to scrub a little harder!
photo 5 (17)
Everyone is decorating a pair of pants with some repeating patterns to continue with our maths theme. A colleague arrived and was feeling a little uncomfortable until she realised her knickers were actually inside out, but apparently it is unlucky to change them so the discomfit lasted all day.. all in all a PANTS day!
Although the rhyming rockets were far from it… think some of them get it..at last!
photo 4 (24)
Always good to know that when you put things in a safe they are indeed safe, except of course when a colleague wants to check all  items are safe in the safe and does it without asking permission…thankfully they were all safe, so in British slang terms…SAFE!