February 18, 2015

Tuesday 10th February A World Without Pants!

Morning…so the pants theme continues! Firstly, never a good start to the morning when you realise you didn’t set the alarm and you wake up with fifteen minutes to go before you need to leave to rush to the station. Thankfully husband kindly did the station run for me..he can recover later as he works from home, which only requires one person showering immediately, whereas if I did the run, it requires two..I wouldn’t want children to go home and tell parents their teacher was smelly..all in all a pretty pants start to my day!

The children arrived at school to find some of the high quality, Primark pants they had decorated missing from the washing line… taken by aliens of course!

photo 1 (61)

They spent the morning searching in the classroom, looking for footprints which they of course saw, (to me it looked liked squashed play dough on the carpet, but then I know nothing! ) spying out the window for aliens landing (and they saw them too, they were green!) and worrying about losing their own underpants along with everyone else’s. They eventually found all the missing pants, but not before one child announced that he thought the aliens wanted all of England’s pants and a discussion was had about the Queen having no knickers and what would happen! A knickerless Queen is not a vision many can, or would want to visualise, so we wondered if the aliens would be sent to the Tower of London if caught, or if she would keep her knickers with the Crown Jewels to keep them safe..hopefully a spotlessly clean pair and not a pair already worn!

the queen.jpg 2

The same child then thought the aliens would move on to America and take all of their pants too..we were now getting into the realm of a whole world without pants..imagine! Firstly, it would be very chilly in the nether regions, everything would be hanging out, not tucked in, not pulled up, not squeezed in and how would I keep my tights up? When I’m wearing tights I’ve always been a two pairs of knicker type of lady..one underneath and one on top to stop the tights from slipping to my knees and prevent me from having to hoist the whole time..it does happen!

In our messy play area this week we have some space or alien looking creative food substance to touch, feel and explore.. coloured spaghetti! It was delivered looking like a spaghetti cake and then we decided to mix the yellow and green cakes together to get a mish mash mixture that I wouldn’t put my fingers in, but which children did. Let’s hope they obey the rules and don’t eat it!

photo 3 (36)photo 2 (58)

A Fiddler On The Roof rehearsal later and I will definitely be wearing the pants that hold it in, squeeze it tight, pull it up, because my body needs all the help it can get…particularly when dancing and bouncing about, which is very loosely what I do at rehearsals!