February 19, 2015

Wednesday 11th February A Letter To The Aliens

Morning..hoping everyone has their underpants on after yesterdays shenanigans and I’m not surrounded by a community of commandos..last day with children today, as tomorrow and Friday are Inset days.

Last night’s rehearsal required more screaming and wailing by me, but as my voice was a bit delicate I tried to do it quietly, which is not easy. Luckily, my pants kept my flabby bits vaguely tucked in, but playing an eccentric dead person means its OK if it all fails and ┬ásome bits hang out. I did remember to take a scarf to waft , so my cardigan buttons didn’t take a battering and surprisingly, my wafting skills had improved since last week, even without practice…there’s talent for you! A bed was required for Tevye and Golde to sit on whilst dead grandma came to them in a dream, so they improvised with a PE vaulting horse which they halved and sat on..nothing too strenuous took place.

photo 2 (59)

Today, the aliens yet again visited out classroom and stole some pants off the washing line, but this time one pair had completely disappeared. We decided that aliens didn’t understand that it was wrong to steal other peoples possessions, so we needed to help them understand. One little boy decided we should write a letter to them, asking for the pants back because it wasn’t fair that they had taken a child’s pants without asking and he was feeling sad. He then wanted us to make it into the shape of an aeroplane and send it up to space. If this didn’t work his back up plan was a bit more drastic.. “to kill them!” Thankfully, it didn’t come to that, as we sent the letter up to space..well, after 5 goes it dipped and dropped in front of our feet, so we left it for the aliens to hopefully collect and after lunch we amazingly received a letter on alien headed paper! The aliens apologised and sent the pants back…all was happy in the small world of pants and children, a lovely, happy end to the half term!

photo 2 (60)

An even nicer end to a teachers half term is when a member of staff makes cake and we have one who makes very nice cakes, so result all round ..apart from for my gripper knickers, which might need to stretch and go up a size!photo 1 (63)