February 21, 2015

Thursday 12th February Fi Fi Phonics

Afternoon…no Internet this morning and turned on the dishwasher to find power kept tripping, so had to prepare myself for work mostly in the dark! I have spent the day not doing what I had planned. I was expecting to be all dramatic with an Inset day on Drama. However, we sat there in a circle waiting for the course leader to arrive and after a phone call found that there was a mix up of dates and she thought she was coming the next day! I was a girl guide in my youth and should know that I need to be prepared for all eventualities, but nothing could prepare me for what I ended up having to do instead! There is always so much to do in education so firstly,we planned and prepared resources which was fine. Then it was decided we needed to make phonics videos for the school website and I was to be the voice. I looked at the state of my hair, the state of my dress and thought..yep, JUST the voice would be best

phonics cards

Video Take One…I held some small blue cards and said the sounds as I turned each card. Unfortunately the cards were too small and the fumbling of cards a nightmare! CUT.

Video Take Two…We videoed the Single sound recap power point that we use on the Whiteboard for phonics, whilst I said each sound. Unfortunately the sounds were too quiet and not clear enough. CUT.

Video Take Three I held on to the iPad so the microphone was nice and close to my voice. Unfortunately the whole video was UPSIDE DOWN…hysterical laughter! CUT.

I was sacked from using the iPad.

Video Take Four, Five and Six… We tried again with me saying the sounds a bit louder, but the videographer kept laughing at my actions, the expression of my voice and how I said certain sounds…the “ll” sound was a particular problem! When two people start to giggle, it’s very hard to carry on so it was yet again a..CUT..but we kept the video for posterity!

Video Take Six and Seven… We tried again and it was CUT due to laughter at me again saying the sounds.

We asked for the video we had done so far to be checked by a senior member of staff, before struggling on. She decided that it would be even better to have someone to do the actions to make it visually more pleasing and to further help parents and children. I did explain that I wasn’t dressed or looking my best, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Video Eight to probably Twelve!…me standing next to the board saying the sound and doing all 26 actions, which eventually was completed and given the ok by those that matter. Phew.

Hoped it was all done, but video Thirteen to nearly Twenty was me doing the actions for all Phase Three double sounds..I had blank moments, I did the wrong action, the Videographer laughed so much she was sacked, half of my colleagues visibly cried with laughter, but finally video number two was completed…not perfect but good enough!

I am now known as Fi Fi Phonics..and the joy of knowing we have yet more videos to make…but next time I will get my roots done, dress appropriately or perhaps ask someone else if they want to have a go!