February 23, 2015

Friday 13th February Technically Lacking!

Morning…Fi Fi Phonics had another go at videoing last night but her technical skills need some work. After videoing her phonics video upside down at work, she forgot to switch her iPad to video, when videoing the Contemporary dance routine for son to learn. She spent three minutes trying to keep still, making no noise and concentrating so hard on getting it right, only to find she had the blurred starting position and nothing else!…those standing around me, also videoing couldn’t believe it and the giggles began..

photo 1 (64)

But, despite my failings I can take comfort in knowing that my day wasn’t wasted because I know this happened…

Fi Fi phonics  affect

Back has unfortunately gone after sitting for too long in the M3 road works on journey home from dancing so might not make my dancing class tonight..today I have parents consultations, possibly more Fi Fi phonics and half term..hurrah!

Got home after a tiring day vocally, to find my kitchen walls still damp and dark after plastering finished yesterday and cat looking ready and relaxed for half term…zzzzz

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Not a terribly long post, so I’ll add a place name for my gaming people. I went near to..