February 25, 2015

Saturday 14th February A Chinese Valentine Meal

Morning…I’m waiting for someone on this Valentines day who wants to go out into the garden to make me a cup of tea…not that they have to make it in the garden, but the floor has been screed so no can walk on it! The only way to reach the kitchen is to go through the garden and the back door…hoping the tea won’t chill by the time it reaches me!

Last night, as kitchen unusable for cooking and back unworkable for dancing, my husband and I decided to have our Valentines meal, a night early, at the local Chinese. The Chinese is situated in a small row of shops and next to it, is a local, very friendly shop run by an Asian family, which is always open late. At one point it was just an off licence but now it seems to sell everything and we seem to be always getting our sons to pop in there for one thing or another. I was making this observation as we walked past and stupidly said “It’s just like the old style corner shop…just not on a corner!”..you can imagine the look my husband gave me…

The restaurant was decorated and all ready for Valentines Day but seemed quite empty, so presumably everyone is very romantic and will be out celebrating today, the day for true romantics! I waited for my red rose, there appeared to be several nearby…but waiting for that, was like me waiting for tea from the garden..wishful thinking.

photo 1 (65)

We had a nice evening, dining in a relaxed setting, with a delicious meal, some ‘thank you’ jelly babies and a happy “Hi honey” greeting from the owner, who treats us like regulars..she pointed out that whist our kitchen is unusable hers isn’t so we could come there anytime!…unfortunately she didn’t add the important words “for free!”

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I’m in luck, husband has set off into the garden to make me a cup of tea and has told me to have a phone on standby in case he needs to ask me anything…how romantic is that? I’m a lucky woman indeed…