February 27, 2015

Sunday 15th February Dog The Bounty Hunter!

Morning..A lovely catch up with friends last night..a Valentine night foursome! Although don’t get the wrong idea, romance was not high on the agenda as husband kept calling me Dog, the Bounty Hunter, as hair needed attention! I didn’t actually know who he was referring to, so the internet was used to first, enlighten me and secondly, to offend me…Please, what an insult! The problem was, I tied my hair back at the sides which with roots needing doing and hair in bad condition, wasn’t a successful look…apparently! ¬†Anyone wanting to picture me as the character can be assured I do not have a body full of tattoos, wear leather or have a beard..although the old ladies ‘biddy’ hair I found the other day on my chin, might of course be the start!


Husband, ever the romantic, wouldn’t accept my Valentines day card this morning, until he had got son to buy me one in return. He thought I hadn’t guessed, but it was the “no, I cant open that yet, I need to wait” followed by the shouting at son “quick, I need you to go out”… and then more urgently, “hurry, you need to go now!” that was the clue that he hadn’t actually purchased anything! When my son later came into my room and nonchalantly asked if I was happy with the card, that had the wording “To my beautiful Wife”..he of course, wasn’t to know that the previous night I’d been called me “Dog, the Bounty Hunter”..hardly,a beauty!

valentines card

We did have a lot of laughs…after a couple of wines I was talking about “pert time work”, an interesting concept, and it was pointed out to the husband of the couple, who has a small role in Fiddler On The Roof that perhaps he needed to look at his words, as it wasn’t appropriate to be shouting “my poor old arms”..when the words were in fact “alms for the poor!” Their cat looked on, tucked up nice and warm in his basket by the fire probably wondering what all the noise and laughter was about.

photo 2 (66)

Just for my place name people..I’m not too far from…