February 28, 2015

Monday 16th February A Dark Day

Morning…a much needed lazy Monday, after a sadly lacking of sleep Sunday night! Husband did kindly bring me up a croissant in bed which had the same effect as a bag of Wotsits…anyone who has seen me eat those will know what a mess I look like after!

My son is need of a selection of cheap, but not exactly cheerful black attire for college. It is the first day of my holiday but he has requested a trip to Reading and a visit to the desirable department store Primark…yipee! Being a man who loves designer clothes, he will no doubt want to have a quick check of the more upmarket stores in the hope that mums purse is feeling generous…I’m thinking and the purse is knowing, he will be out of luck.

photo 1 (68)

photo 2 (65)

Now back.. sadly, the weather and mood were also unfortunately pretty black, so the trip wasn’t the most scintillating, or thankfully the most expensive. We bought what was needed and were home within a couple of hours. Reading seems to have lost a few shops since I was last there, so was a bit of a disappointment to us both.

My new extension plastered walls have dried out, so kitchen/diner now has a hint of pink look about it. Unfortunately, with little in the room, it echos meaning that all voices can be heard resonating through the house even at low volume, so whispering is preferable!

photo 1 (70)

photo 2 (67)

Winston the rabbit meanwhile likes sitting on the top of a sand pile..it hopefully won’t be long before his favourite spot will disappear and we will get back a room with a view.

photo 3 (44)