March 16, 2015

Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th February My Mum is Fantastic

Afternoon…so I am preparing my children for their class assembly in two weeks time with the caterpillar dance. They curled up like an egg, shot out into a caterpillar, they then crawled around munching leaves, spun into a cocoon, broke their wings slowly out of it and finally flew like a butterfly, all to different pieces of music brilliantly put together by a colleague. I demonstrated spinning and flying but gave the egg curling and caterpillar sliding a miss, as I wasn’t sure my body would get up off the floor with ease! Instead I found a colleague who was younger, fitter and healthier to demonstrate.

We then discussed why each child’s mum was fantastic after a quick read of My Mum is Fantastic, as the assembly falls in the week of Mothers ranged from giving huggles, buying bikes or glasses to running a bath and making a hot chocolate.

My fantastic mum

I had to do an observation for my student and then went to a mentors course in the afternoon.

On the very morning I don’t need to be up early my eyes, ears and brain have zinged into action at some unearthly time. Couldn’t even watch Escape to the Country due to sleeping sounds resonating round the bedroom. My kitchen now has lights and it looks like I might have to go and experience them!

photo 2 (79)

At school it was cooking and pizza caterpillars were on the menu!

photo 3 (55)

I got home to news that was to devastate my family. I needed to phone my dad as my fantastic mum had been rushed into hospital. She had been to the doctor the previous day as she was feeling tired and they had taken blood tests. In the night she had been sick and shaky and the doctor came to visit her, saying the tests showed she was anaemic, apparently a sign of something more serious. He felt her stomach and found a lump. In that moment our life changed..