March 17, 2015

Friday 27th February Life running amuck

Morning…at the moment I have an increasing aversion to the M3 which seems to divert to the A30 each evening, which annoyingly also had roadworks last night after finishing at dancing,so my journey home took forever. Mornings are a struggle and car journeys a battle. I realised  why yesterday when I enter my car I have a feeling of impending doom and imminent uprising…ignition on, music plays, I switch off, but the damage is done..bit late to ‘nip it in the bud’ as thanks to my sons Les Miserables has been my car music for years… (as the cracked case demonstrates!).

les miserables

It has also not gone unnoticed that more and more I seem to play the role of drunken, cackling, but full of character women when I perform…it maybe says a lot about the influence it has had on me too!

3214_83748668108_2926264_n[1] 100_2704

I believe it is time to stop the revolution as it is running amuck.. I’m changing the CD!

Went to school but after telling them about my mum and having an emotional moment, I was sent home to pack so I could go to Lymington to be with my dad and we could visit my mum in Southampton hospital together. There are times when if you are lucky to have a close family you realise they come first and this was one of those times. Having a student in her final teaching practice meant that I wasn’t teaching anyway and having planning time on a Friday morning meant it was my own time I was missing, but I was very grateful to my colleagues  for their support. Dad was pleased to have me for company and we visited mum who was having various tests done, being so strong and behaving as though nothing was wrong. For us however, life could not longer be planned in years, months or weeks it is a case of one day at a time.