March 18, 2015

Saturday 28th February Jacket Requiring Risk Assessment

Morning…I have decided I need to do a risk assessment when wearing my big black padded coat…here it is on a trip up the Thames, keeping me warm!

padded coat up the thames

Firstly, it scooped up mums cup of water at the hospital yesterday and threw it all over the floor, so I was on my hands and knees with a box of tissues wiping it all up.

photo 1 (89)

Secondly, a vital prescription attached itself to the back of my coat and I took it for a walk around M and S car park, until dad spotted it!

After having lots of tests and giving my mum antibiotics for an infection the hospital have said she can go home for the weekend, returning on Sunday night. She is happy.

Once home, mum decided she needed to enter the modern world of high tech and require a mobile phone! She watched all the other patients using them and having spent a long time trying to contact home and having to wait in a queue, she has decided her own personal phone is a necessity. Dad and I made a last minute dash into Lymington high street to Car Phone Warehouse, the only place you can really purchase a mobile phone in the town. We were dropped off by my brother, as it was near to closing time on a busy market day, so impossible to park. We explained to the sales person that we wanted an easy to use phone for an older person with clear buttons. He recommended a flip up Doro Phone Easy, which was apparently made with the older technophobe in mind. Hoping mum doesn’t speak into it like a dicta-phone, which is what happened when I had a flip up phone and she obviously didn’t hear a word!


Having made our purchase in double quick time I phoned my brother to pick us up only to find myself speaking to a voice I didn’t recognise. “You want a Margherita pizza?” the voice said several times,..’NO I DON’T…. I want a lift home!’ Not sure how our lines got crossed with a pizza delivery place but they did.

Mum now has all phone numbers saved to her phone and has been given a lesson on using it..her three positives…big buttons, easy to use and a camera.. lets hope she can use it!