March 19, 2015

Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd March Signs of Hope

Morning..the first day of March and there are lots of signs of Spring in my parents lovely garden signaling lighter days, new life and hope of warm days ahead.

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My mum is a wonderful cook, sadly I do not have her skills. It is a family tradition that after church mum would cook a big family Sunday roast. Today, because of her being sick we had to glue her to the sofa whilst my brother, dad and myself cooked the Sunday roast with a little bit of help from Marks and Spencer and Waitrose…she wasn’t convinced at first by our capabilities! It is a standing joke that mum often has jars and food that are perhaps beyond their best, as she has a big walk in larder where food can sometimes get lost. We were looking for a vegetable to accompany our chicken and my brother took some out saying ” I’m not sure whether we should have carrots or parsnips?” It was an easy decision…

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I turned on the kettle for a cup of a tea and having waited for ten minutes for something to happen I asked “I think it must have too much water in it” I poured some out and still nothing happened “Is there something wrong with your kettle dad?” brother looked and said ” well it helps if you switch it on”…oopsie, the plug was unplugged for dad’s coffee machine! I plugged it in and even then forgot to re- switch it on so by the time we made the tea we were well and truly parched and maybe mum wasn’t too far wrong about my capabilities!

Sunday roast was a success, the parsnips were less so and mum had an enjoyable family day at home, before returning to hospital.

Waking up with a cat on my bed is like home from home..except my parents cats have normal names like Poppy and Tabitha and are not named after drinks!

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Sitting in bed and my mobile phone went, it was mum. She phoned to say a doctor had been round and the news was not good..the cancer had gone through her stomach lining and the family had been asked to see the consultant that afternoon. She had felt like there was little that could be done. The phone went down and we felt devastated.

We were dreading the meeting with the consultant in the afternoon, but whilst her condition was serious, he did give us options and like the signs of Spring, hope.