March 20, 2015

Tuesday 3rd March Hospital Room with a view

Morning…sun now shining in Lymington but terrible hailstorm in the night which hummed, battered and shook the house keeping us awake. Weather is like my emotions at the moment..all over the place.

This mornings phone request from the hospital is a tape measure… was surprised as couldn’t imagine my mum doing room or body measurements whilst ill, but apparently it is for her knitting.

tape measure cropped.jpg again

People are so kind and my mum and dad are lucky to have a strong church community supporting them. The prayers and good wishes being sent their way are keeping them both strong, but also preventing my dad from taking on all the household chores he claims he can do at nearly eighty! He is constantly on the phone giving updates and receiving good wishes, so we’ve decided that whilst noble of him to volunteer to iron, cook, clean, garden and put the bins out, he needs a cleaner. We are on the search…but not for the wide selection of cleaners husband thought we were on the look out for!


I never considered a hospital a shopping venue, but Southampton Hospital has a clothing shop called The Stock Shop which¬†every time I pass, my eyes are drawn to. It has bags, reasonably priced, unless of course you shop in Poundland when they might be a tad expensive, and also in lots of bright colours. I popped down whilst visiting and was amazed at my own sensibleness. Instead of the green bag I loved and had my eye on, I bought a black one …It was a case of facing up to the fact I am not a character from the Emerald City with a vast green wardrobe or green coat to match, instead I have an abundance of black, a necessity for a woman of a certain age wanting to hide lumps, bumps and everything else!


Mum has been moved into a room of her own as she has an infection, so now has a room with a view and as the sun sets what a wonderful view.

hospital view with