March 21, 2015

Wednesday 4th March Laughter Through The Pain

Morning.. mum’s room with a view has a chair next to the window where she likes to sit and see the changing weather, but she wants a cushion for extra padding. I’ve said I’ve got one big enough at home.

photo 1 (93)

Sadly, I forgot the cushion. I returned home last night and organising myself plus teenage son meant too much to think about, so the cushion was left, by the front door! Son was outraged I had purchased Tesco sandwiches for the car journey down the M3, when on entering the hospital he saw Burger King, “You should have told me hospitals have shops and eating places, I would have preferred a Whopper!”..unfortunately my purse didn’t prefer this option, it had bought a bag the previous day! He made it clear to my mum how peeved he was and how shocked he was to find shops in a hospital, which made her smile.

Mum’s room not only has a view, but a toilet and a shower. Even whilst ill she has standards and a fighting spirit, so when dad used her toilet and dared to leave the toilet seat up, he was told to return to sort it out, which made us laugh. I also had to point out that the navy round necked jumper he was wearing was in fact a v neck one…he might not have realised as the v was facing the back!

Doctors have asked mum to exercise which is a challenge, as she can’t leave her room. She walks from wall to wall, which if she had a pedometer would be approximately nine steps times two, laughable and rather short of the 2000 I’m required to walk daily, well, in an ideal world! She also has to wear tight white compression stockings. These are not a glamorous look, but a necessity in hospital and out of which peeps her toes, at her own admission not her best body feature, so suggesting my son should inspect her toes didn’t go down well!


Mum is slowly getting to grips with new phone technology and now realises that just because she hasn’t got her own own phone number saved in the mobile doesn’t mean she can’t ring home! She has also moved on to the advanced technology level and has even used the photo setting. Todays technical challenge is a portable DVD, so she can watch the series of Ann of Avonlea. Remembering names of technical gadgets is still a challenge..”what is the thing that helps you get from one place to another?”..never mind the word Sat Nav..the reply was ” you mean a CAR”..yep, more laughter.

Mum’s nutrition levels are low so she has to raise them up by drinking three horrid nutrition drinks daily, as well as getting rid of any infection with antibiotics. After an afternoon of chatting, laughing and admiring yet another sunset from her room with a view, we left and my son said “It is like there is nothing wrong with granny”…that is exactly how she wants it.

hospital sunset

Returned home to someone so relaxed, chilled and with no worries…how I wish this could be me.

Bailey relaxed