March 22, 2015

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th March Celebration Assembly

Morning…internet  off for a while and only just returned, which meant that when I woke at 5 am I couldn’t Escape to the Country. I’m back to work today and rehearsing my class assembly..I have one week.

It was lovely to see all the children in my class and a child from the class next door brought me a lilac, tissue flower to cheer me up, which was very sweet.

tissue flower

The class had been practising hard the assembly we started before mum became so seriously ill. The caterpillar song and life cycle dance were looking great and they all said the words about why their mums were fantastic very loudly. Then they acted out sections from the book ‘My Mum is Fantastic’ but it was lacking a little something! In my dramatic and creative wisdom I decided that each section needed thirty seconds of music for them to perform to, which would hopefully bring each acting performance to life! Mum doing fantastic painting was to be to the Take Hart theme tune, ( I’m showing my was an Art programme in the 70′s and 80′s!) fantastic tightrope walking was to Barnum, (I’m showing what Musicals I’ve done..I played the 161 year old Joyce Heth!)  fantastic story telling was to Jackanory, (I’m showing what childhood TV I watched!) fantastic gardening was to English Country Garden, (I’m showing what songs I sang at school!) Fantastic animal taming was to Animal Magic, (again it’s an age thing, I’m sad and have fond memories of Johnny Morris!) fantasic swimming, (I just found a random song on the internet!) and finally it ended with mums fantastic party’s..which had to be Kool and the Gang’s ‘CELEBRATION’ (I’m a party animal myself and obviously fantastic!) Assembly sorted.

My fantastic mum

Whilst  I’d been away the children had been practicing ‘Celebration’. The staff knew I had been talking about singing it for the end of the assembly and they had worked on a couple of confident child soloists who demonstrated their singing beautifully.Having heard their rendition I thought it would be good if one of the children sang the deep “Lets celebrate” echo as well. I asked each child as we lined up to go to assembly, demonstrating myself each time, “Would you like to do it?” Until the child with the solo being ‘Kool’ said ” Mrs ******** I think you should do the solo!” What a compliment..I took great pride in the fact that I was cool enough to be in his gang, nothing to do with being an exhibitionist and wanting to be on stage! This was the same child who on watching an S Club 7 routine on Youtube earlier, said “it sounds good, but just doesn’t look good!”… such critique, at aged four..bound to go far! Further than me, who suggested, in the evening, at dancing  that Tescos sold lycra navy dance trousers for men..what was I thinking? Mind you if I did find them there, I would indeed be celebrating, as a whole evening of online searching was unsuccessful.