March 23, 2015

Saturday 7th March Spring is in the air!

Morning…not being a person au fait with technology and all that goes with it, I only became aware of Pinterest a few months ago, probably at the same time I started my blog. I spent several months calling it Pin Interest and having to be corrected by friends, although being corrected didn’t really make a difference, because the name stuck even though I know I’m wrong! My colleagues occasionally call it that too, sadly, just to humour me! What has surprised me most is my most popular pin…can you believe’s washing knickers, five pins in one week! Not MY knickers I might add, but brand new kids ones bought from Primark and linked to Aliens Love Underpants. As you can see it’s an inspiring pin, that teachers presumably seem to love!

photo 5 (17)

Today is looking up, the sun is shining, it is our musical Society’s Open Mic night and my mum is being allowed home for the weekend from hospital.

I think Winston the rabbit also thought things were looking up..Spring is in the air and he seems to have taken a shine to one of the cats. I went out to hang up some washing and the cat came bounding up wanting to be stroked. He was quickly followed by the rabbit who at one point tried to take his affection a little too far, thankfully, the cat was having none of it! Every time the cat was followed too closely by the rabbit, Winston was swiped, so there no chance of having a new type of pet, although what it would be called is up for debate, a cabbit or a rabcat!