March 28, 2015

Sunday 8th March The Talent And Humour Of Open Mic Night

Morning….I’m taking great pleasure in my tea as this is the last teabag, so decorator starting at 9 am on a Sunday morning to paint the kitchen, will be out of luck! We don’t know him, so he is likely to think we are right stingy misers not offering him a cuppa, unless of course he drinks coffee, in which case he will be in luck! The kitchen is going to be an exciting magnolia, as I can’t visualise what it is going to look like, so have gone for boring but safe!

The TOPS Musical Society Fundraising Open Mic night was not only fantastic, but raised nearly £800 towards the huge expense of out next show Fiddler On The Roof, which is fandabbydozy!


Last year the society sadly nearly folded and financially has been struggling as shows cost more, audiences fall and sponsorship dwindles. Social events have been vital in helping to keep the group afloat, as well as being fun and wanting to keep people involved. Last night had such a lovely atmosphere and demonstrated how many talented young singers there are in the society, a group where I happened to meet my husband 26 years ago. It also, with all the worries I have at the moment with my mum, allowed me to be a proud mum, a proud friend and almost, a proud wife!

My husband compered the evening and having a certain amount of charisma started the evening off with a bit of charm and humour as he tried to encourage people to get up and perform. Unfortunately, some were feeling a bit shy and needed to have a bit of dutch courage, some needed a few bevvies to give them dutch courage, some needed to wait until the end of the evening before deciding they had any courage and some decided courage was best left to others!

My husband persuaded, or you could say forced, one of our sons to start off the evening by singing a song he had performed at college from Made In Dagenham, a show I have never seen. It was quite a sad song and perhaps reflects the difficult time he has been having recently, but he sung it very well. Unfortunately my video skills did not do so well, and I started and stopped disastrously missing the first few seconds.

A group of the youngsters sang a great rendition of Seasons of Love.

Son number two sang “Feeling Good”.

There were lots of other solo, duet and group performances, a poem and two comedy numbers, the first by my husband. He decided to sing me a love song which is very touching and should have made my evening, but when he repeated the refrain “she has a penis” the love was lost and the proud wife feeling rapidly disappeared! The words were not his own, but the backing track and vocals were.

Then to finish the evening my fellow ‘old bags’ did a brilliant comedy number, where I should have been the lovely red head at the end, but because of circumstances I couldn’t rehearse and whilst appreciating comedy I wasn’t totally up to performing it.

A great evening, a great success and a great fundraiser! The next one is being booked.

Anyone, wanting to see all these lovely people perform properly click