April 16, 2015

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th March Chick Watching

Morning…Yesterday was a stressful day at work and when it came to seeing my mum I left as early as I could. The M3 was fine but I reached the M27 and it was gridlocked.A fifty minute journey took over 2 hours. I was not happy, my back was not happy, my son who came with me, was not happy, the only thing that put a smile on my face was seeing my mum so much better than expected. She has had transfusions, so had more colour in her cheeks than when I last saw her. She was very chatty and able to walk with her zimmer frame much faster than I do with my zimmer frame prop in the Upstage dance show! She managed the stairs, so is hoping to be home by the weekend..hurrah :-) She has praised Southampton Hospital for her care and has felt extrmely well looked after. We are all feeling very grateful to the NHS. Having found that hospitals have shops and take away food venues my son decided he needed to experience an unhealthy hospital Whopper meal. I did the same after visiting my mum. Strange that a hospital has such a food place if it is encoutraging us to be fit and healthy, but at that moment we didn’t care!

At work we are on chick hatching watch. Yesterday four chicks hatched in the incubator in the morning.

photo 1 (99)

photo 2 (91)

By the time we left school we had 6 chicks and the children had plenty to write in their daily diarys. As usual we have more of the pretty yellow boy chicks than the cute , but not so pretty, brown girl chicks They dry out very quickly and find their feet but keep having to have a rest as it is so tiring. The children loved having a go at depicting this in dance.


Anothe day, some more chick waching to be had. I am tired and for the second night on the trot I got stuck in traffic on the way back home from dancing. The M3 and its roadworks will be the death of me!

We now have nine chicks. Some of the bigger chicks have been moved into a brooder box, so that they dont trample the smaller chicks.

photo 2 (92)


chicks again

In the middle of my music lesson there was a crack and everything stopped and all the children rushed over to see the last chick finally hatch. We left one chick in the incubator, the smallest, to keep the newly hatched one company.

photo 4 (40)



The last one seemed weaker than the rest and at one point we thought perhaps he had a deformed foot. Thankfully with time it seemed to sort itself out. The chicks cheep at each other a lot,as a way of encouragement ,so it is good to keep some of them together.